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I'm marrying Chef tomorrow...
~ Veronica in her human form.

... And there's not a goddamn thing you could about it! Bwahahaha!
~ Veronica in her demonic form.

Veronica is the sole antagonist of the episode "The Succubus" of South Park.

Veronica was, as the title of the episode suggests, a succubus and planned on marrying Chef in order to destroy his soul - her demonic influence altered Chef's behavior from a singing free-spirit to a rather dull individual.

Veronica also gained control over him via singing the love theme "The Morning After" - the boys found out that by playing her song backwards they could free Chef and did so.

Veronica lost control of her powers as a result and transformed into her true demonic visage, and killed Kenny by stomping on him, before being sucked back to Hell, freeing Chef - who promptly apologized to the boys for his behavior.

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