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Verosika's Crew are the secondary antagonists of the third episode “Spring Broken” in the first season of Helluva Boss. They are a group of succubi demons who are the lackeys of Verosika Mayday.

Josh was voiced by Jayden Libran, Coco, Kiki, Apple, and Milky were voiced by Jinkx Monsoon. Both of them also voiced Martha and Collin respectively.


Like their boss singing leader Verosika, her crew is known to be very seductive and sexually active. However, unlike Verosika, her friends appear to be much less cunning and cold-hearted. They are also shown to be much more fearful than her, as they all cowered in fear of being arrested.

Despite being Succubi, they appear to have certain standards when in comes to sexual partners, cringing in disgust at the thought of pleasuring the cops after they are arrested at the end of "Spring Broken". However, despite this, they did find Moxxie adorable and tried having sex with him (or in Blitzo's words, "access his holes").


Verosika's Crew first appeared when Moxxie goes into the office and tries to reason with Verosika, however, she and her employees take on their fully demon forms and sexually assaulted him. This causes Blitzo to furiously storm into the office and challenges Verosika to a bet, if I.M.P can kill more targets than her demons can have sex with theirs by the end of the day, which Verosika accepts the bet.

As the I.M.P group killed their targets as many as possible, Verosika appeared on stage at her concert and her demons started to have their way with the crowd. As she sings, she throws her hip flask that had alcohol from Hell into the crowd and into the water, where a fish is mutated into a gigantic monster and attacks everyone. After Millie kills the fish monster and saves a drunken Moxxie, Verosika and her group mockingly compliments I.M.P. on how they handled the fish monster. Millie tosses the hip flask back to her and warns her how bad it would look if they revealed that she was the one behind the Fish monster. Verosika then tells them that they would also get in trouble for not disguised themselves as humans. Blitzo tells Verosika and her demons they won’t say anything about what happened if he can use their parking spot, which Verosika angrily accepts. Before they could leave the beach however, the police arrive and arrest the group, with Verosika hinting that she and her squad would have to pay them off with sex.


  • Just like Verosika, All of the members (including Vortex) were the next characters who will never seen again in the webseries after this.
  • Apple and Coco appear to be dating, as they are labeled "girlfriends" on the succubi's model sheet.[1] This is also evident by the fact that they hold hands and cling to each other at the end of the episode.
  • Most of them were LGBT.




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