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Y'all ready to get f-cked up and make some bitchin' bad choices?!
~ Verosika, to her audience.

Verosika Mayday is a major antagonist of the adult animated web series Helluva Boss.

She serves as the main antagonist of Season 1, serving as the main antagonist of the third episode “Spring Broken”, a cameo antagonist in the sixth episode "Truth Seekers" and a major antagonist in the seventh episode “Ozzie’s”.

She is a famous succubus and pop star in Hell and Blitzo’s ex-girlfriend, while also having a grudge against him after a couple of incidents when they were together.

She is voiced by Cristina Vee, who also played Elsa Granhiert in the English dub of Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World, Marinette Dupain-Cheng in the English dub of Miraculous Ladybug and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet but without any rehearsals.


Verosika is a very seductive, perverted, and manipulative succubus that likes to taunt Blitzo for her own enjoyment. Despite keeping a calm attitude, she is shown to have a hostile grudge towards Blitzo due to their history together. She seems to have no animosity towards the other I.M.P.s, however, proven in ""OZZIE'S" where she notably does not join Fizzarolli or Asmodeus in heckling Moxxie and Millie, only joining their song when the subject turns to Blitzo.


Verosika appears more human than most demons, with pink skin, long, flowing pink hair, and typical demonic features, like horns and a barbed tail. As befits a popular idol singer, she wears flashy, gaudy clothes adorned with stars, X’s and O’s; she also has stars printed on her horns. She sometimes wears sunglasses with heart-shaped lenses. Her human disguise is similar, hiding the horns and tail with tanned skin. Her true form is a sinister-looking shadow demon. 



Not much is known about Verosika’s background other than that she and Blitzo dated back then. But they later broke up after Blitzo left Verosika to pay for their hotel room, joyriding her car three times and cashing out her credit card for horse riding lessons. She later ended up in a rehab program due to drinking; given that she still drinks, it appears to have been a failure.


While Blitzo drives Loona, Moxxie and Millie to work, a car cuts in front of him and takes his parking spot. Blitzo recognizes the passenger to be his ex-girlfriend, Verosika. After they insult each other, Blitzo tells her that she took I.M.P only spot, but Verosika points out her name is on spot which is painted over I.M.P. She tells him that she freelanced for a successful company for the week and brought in to lead their team during Spring Break. After reminding Blitzo of their history together, he follows her and demands her to move the car or else, but is interrupted by her bodyguard, Vortex.

Blitzo, Loona and Moxxie enter the building to confront Verosika about the parking spot while Millie finds a temporary spot. Once they got there, Vortex informs them that Verosika rented the office space that’s across from them since there wasn’t room on the second floor. Moxxie goes into the office and tries to reason with Verosika, but she and her employees take on their full demon forms and sexually assault him. Blitzo furiously storms into the office and challenges Verosika to a bet, if I.M.P can kill more targets than her demons can have sex with theirs by the end of the day, which Verosika accepts the bet.

As the I.M.P group killed their targets as many as possible, Verosika appeared on stage at her concert and her demons started to have their way with the crowd. As she sings, she throws her hip flask that had alcohol from Hell into the crowd and into the water, where a fish is mutated into a gigantic monster and attacks everyone. After Millie kills the fish monster and saves a drunken Moxxie, Verosika and her group mockingly compliments I.M.P. on how they handled the fish monster.

Millie tosses the hip flask back to her and warns her how bad it would look if they revealed that she was the one behind the fish monster. Verosika then tells them that they would also get in trouble for not disguising themselves as humans. Blitzo tells Verosika and her demons they won’t say anything about what happened if he can use their parking spot, which Verosika angrily accepts. Before they could leave the beach, however, the police arrived and arrested the group, with Verosika hinting that she and her squad would have to pay them off with sex.

In episode "Truth Seekers", Verosika, along with Striker and Fizzarolli, appears as one of Blitzo's hallucinations. The hallucination of her calls him out for his selfishness and pushing people away to the point they become his enemies.

In the episode "OZZIE'S" she is a patron at the eponymous nightclub, contributing to Asmodeus' song in order to mock and humiliate Blitzo by sharing her negative opinion of their past. At the end of the episode, Blitzo is sadly looking over old photos of himself with her and Fizzarolli, a strong hint of happier times.


And I’ve should’ve known you’d be here when I heard the Amber Alerts.
~ Verosika’s reply when Blitzo spots her.
Aw, you mad Blitzo? You gonna run off leaving someone else to pay for the hotel room? Steal their car and run three rings to Wrath and max my credit card on shitty horse-riding lessons?!
~ Verosika opposing Blitzo’s demand of leaving the parking space.
Hey, why don’t you send a little message for me back to your limp d-ck, Boss?
~ Verosika before attacking Moxxie, when attempting to regain ownership of the parking space.
This is your final boarding call, all aboard.
~ Verosika during her on stage performance.
Alright sluts, get ready to suck a lot of pig d-ck.
~ Verosika before getting incarcerated.






  • A t-shirt marketed by Vivziepop's website lists the locations for Verosika's Hell Tour, most of them being cities in the Seven Circles of Hell: Pentagram City, Pride; LDS Satanio, Wrath; Beelzehaven, Gluttony; Mint City, Greed; Crystal Stadium, Lust; Levitowne, Envy; Dreamsville, Sloth; and finally, Florida. Possibly the concert in Florida was, in fact, where the episode "Spring Broken" actually took place.

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