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Make all the friends you want, Princess. Home is the place... you will NEVER see again!'
~ Versitude's famous threat against Astral

Versitude is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Peter Quince) of the short-lived Nickelodeon fantasy sitcom, The Other Kingdom. She's King Oberon's most trusted advisor and confidant in Athenia and a constant source for when there's an issue. Although not only is she not afraid to suggest violent and harmful methods to humans, she'd constantly plot to usurp King Oberon, Queen Titania, and Princess Astral behind the king's back, and play various dirty tricks to the Athenians to which she'd often deny.

She was portrayed by Alvina August.


Not much is known about Versitude's early life or beginnings, although what is known is that she's King Oberon's closest companion and ally to the point where he would constantly turn to her when there's a problem.

Astral's Journey to the Other World

She's first seen alongside King Oberon and Queen Titania as Oberon berates his daughter Astral for sneaking off to the human/"other" world. Versitude calls the "others" "such wasteful, silly creatures", to which Brendoni reveals that Astral has a crush on a high school gymnast. King Oberon bans Astral from ever returning to the others' realm, as a way to ensure she's prepared to become princess of Athenia, and forces Brendoni to stay in Athenia until he learned to properly watch out for her. Then he requests Versitude's council for an incident involving sprites and pixies biting each other, to which she suggests to see which one survives and give the winner a unicorn.

Astral confronts her mother, the queen about about how unfair the ban was to her, and the latter explains that the "others" can't remember they were once their guides and shows Astral a cave filled with crystaled memories of other fairies who left their kingdom -- including herself -- claiming the crystals contained all the knowledge she needed about humans, but Astral insists on personal experience in the human world to meet up with her crush, and flies away to the other world in anger after getting into an argument with her mother. She cools down, returns to homeland in Athenia, confronts her father again, and requests to have her "other walk", which would grant her 90 days within the human world to learn about the others' ways.

Although Oberon was willing to compromise, Titania said it was too dangerous and risky but reluctantly agrees. Oberon made Astral promise to keep her fairy identity and powers a secret, as they'd lead to great danger if she got discovered. At the end of the 90 day walk, she'd have to make a choice over whether she'd stay in the human world forever, or return home to be Athenia's new queen. Astral's accompanied by Oswald who would look out for Astral and keep her safe while staying hidden, and provided a crystal to record her journey and lessons she learned into. Astral's parents and Edgar the Giant wish her the best of luck, while Versitude, who was present during Astral's departure, just glares at her in silence in the background.

Astral arrives at the Quince house in normal human clothing instead of her fairy princess outfit, supposedly as Devon's British exchange student. Devon would initially get confused, and his father would supposedly call the Student Exchange Program lady -- which was actually Versitude disguising her voice-- to clear up the mix-up, and Versitude claimed Astral was indeed the right student, although unbeknownst to anyone, the actual British exchange student, Winston Percival Althazar was lead to Athenia much to his confusion.

Meeting Winston

After nearly getting eaten by Edgar the giant, only managing to come out okay thanks to King Oberon preventing Edgar from harming him, Versitude acted surprised to see an "other" in Athenia, and suggested that maybe Edgar should eat him alive after all, which Oberon refuses to allow as Winston was Astral's shield until she returned home. When Oberon left, Versitude menacingly told Winston to enjoy his exchange in Athenia claimed it should be "very educational". Winston tries to adjust to being in Athenia after officially finding out where he was despite not enjoying the outdoors. After walking for quite some time, Versitude pops in from near a tree towards Winston. When asked by Winston if they were circus people, she states that his mind was too simple to comprehend what they were, saying they were as old as the planet, had mastered the secrets and powers of nature and were their protectors. Winston misinterpreted this as being at wizard school and gleefully exclaimed at the idea, much to Versitude's annoyance. As Astral's recording a message of a lesson she had recently learned about friendship, Versitude ominously spies on Astral through a magic puddle, telling her to make all the friends, as she'd insure Astral would never return to her homeland.

The next day, Winston would continue to pester Versitude about the "wizard school", even after she asks him to leave her alone, which eventually annoys her to her breaking point. Versitude deceives him by telling him to sit on a bridge completely still and silent until his powers eventually came, which he commits to for an untold length of time, until Brendoni convinces Winston he knew a quicker way and makes a deal with him, which Versitude eavesdrops on nearby with a smirk knowing about Brendoni's troublesome nature.

Brendoni would land Winston into a series of harmful pranks (involving jumping in mud 100 times, running into a tree 22 times, and nearly eating a bug) claiming he was helping him learn to be a wizard, before eventually dismissing him and saying he didn't have what it took. Although Winston's later able to get back at him with some help from Queen Titania.

After Brendoni tries another prank on Winston, only for the prank to affect King Oberon and Queen Titania, the two of them wonder what they'd do with them, and confront him saying he'd learn why the "others" needed them and vice versa, explaining they needed the "others" since only said others can get themselves out of the mess they created, and their magic can only reach so far, which Versitude secretly overhears. But even with their best efforts, they still couldn't change him for the better much to Oberon's frustration. Versitude suggests sending him into the mortal world as a last resort, which Oberon agrees to hoping that being surrounded by "others" would force him to change.


Queen Titania offers some dandelions, radishes and pinecones from nature as a meal for Winston, which he's hesitant on eating. He notices some berries on a bush, which Titania vaguely warns him not to eat, as soon as Titania leaves, Versitude shows up and claims the Queen wanted the berries for herself. As first Winston didn't want to take any more risks due to all the pain he had been through so far, but Versitude deceives Winston claiming the berries were pure ambrosia, and that they'd fill him up delight his taste buds, but in reality, it was a trap as the berries would were slowly transforming him into a donkey as he ate a certain amount. He initially tries to hide the truth from the king and queen, but ends up having to resort to confessing before the spell got worse, Titania reverses the spell, which would change him back with he proves himself worthy. Versitude finds out about Astral nearly exposing her fairy powers on live TV (even though Astral was able to cleverly cover the fact up and fool everyone), she confronts Astral late that night and chewed her out for nearly endangering Athenia. She threatened to end her time in the other world early, and harm Astral's friends if she ever had a similar incident.

When Astral gets a cold one day and loses control over her fairy powers while at school, it causes a lot of humorous moments such as her hidden companion Oswald returning to normal size and getting hired to be a substitute history teacher, but it also caused some chaos, which includes Tristan turning into mouse and nearly getting killed. Versitude turns up and freezing time and everyone around her but Astral, and once again scolds Astral for nearly exposing herself and placing Athenia at risk, and for not staying home as recommended to prevent the chaos from get out of hand in the first place. She stated that one day her feelings would cause her great pain, but still reverses Astral's magic and semi-restores order. She also fires Oswald from being Astral's protector and assigns him a new task of "aligning the kingdoms" back in Athenia, stating that she'd be watching her Astral herself as her new guardian.

Astral's New Guardian

She'd spend the next few days luring behind the shadows and spying on Astral. Back in Athenia, Winston meets up with a fairy named Peaseblossom who got tangled in a tree's vines, and offers to untangle her from the vines, the vines where too thick to untangle, and he gets stuck too, but he's able to use his donkey teeth to chew through the vines, which was just the selfless act needed to reverse his donkey spell and return him to normal. That night, at the end of Astral and Tristan's misdate, the duo ends up manages to end the date on a warm note, with Versitude hiding behind a tree watching. The next day, Versitude arrives back from the other kingdom sooner than she was supposed to so she could report back to Queen Titania that although Tristan wasn't a threat on the surface, Astral was spending more time with him despite several mishaps, leading her to conclude that Tristan was developing feelings for Astral, she privately thinks about handling Astral before she becomes the next queen.

Peaseblossom gives Winston a brief tour of Athenia, and the two come across a dying summerberry bush, even though plants usually never die in Athenia. Versitude come across the two with the dying summerberries, as they're about to report the die plant to King Oberon. Versitude insisted that Oberon didn't have time to be address by those two. but decides to frame the duo for "destroying" the berry bush, knowing they were innocent, she suggests they fix the bush on their own, assuming they'd be unable to do so. After various failed attempts to make a difference, Winston eventually discovers the bush's water source had trash from the human world in it, which he and Peaseblossom take care of. cleaning the water and allowing the bush to regrow.

A Threat to Athenia

Astral and Morgan discover that Mr. Quince had plans to build an environmental research center where Evermore Woods -- as well as her secret magical homeland within a tree -- was. Astral tries to talk Mr. Quince out of building the center in those woods, but he justifies his actions by saying it would help nature, and the Woods were a reasonable spot. Astral warns her parents about the impending doom, and insists on staying in the human world to try and protect the kingdom. Back in Athenia, Oberon and Titania wanted to plan for the worst. Titania wanted to evacuate everyone to another realm, but Versitude objected claiming most of the other realms were too far away and Spartania, the closest realm, had a frosty relationship with the Athenians. She wanted to start a war against humanity, which naturally Oberon and Titania refuse to allow to happen. They place their faith in Astral to save the kingdom, which Versitude states is crazy since as she was a child. She's later seen spying on Winston and Peaseblossom as they get into an argument about a mobile phone game, which Winston got Peaseblossom addicted to, as he had confiscated the phone from her due to her obsessing over the game even with the impending doom. Astral and her teammates are able to sneak into Mr. Quince work place, hold off the meeting, and when Mr. Quince uses the restroom, only to get locked in, Astral briefly takes off to explain how generations grew up with those trees, and more would continue to do so if they made the right choice. At the end of the day, Astral's parents noticed how she had proven herself to be a leader with her bravery and courage, though Versitude claims their affection of their daughter was blinding her and she was still too young to fight the grave threat, Titania initially dismisses her, though she claims she just wanted what was best for Athenia, Oberon kept fate in her as she was rarely wrong.

The construction for the research center is later was announced to be turned down, saving Athenia.

False Crimes

Versitude catches Peaseblossom and Winston taking some leaves for a scrapbook, and asks if there was no end to the duo's "crimes", she steals the scrapbook from them and places Winston under arrest for false crimes, having him be taken away to court. She frames him supposedly killing the summerberry bush, and nearly eating a bug (a set-up from Brendoni), and sentences him to the Bogs of Nevermore to dig tunnels for the trolls for the rest of his life. Luckily, King Oberon allowed Winston to stand on trial as a citizen of Athenia, and make his case. Peaseblossom became his rather inexperienced defense attorney. Despite Versitude's continuing attempts to make Winston look guilty, Peaseblossom would point out the bushes were sick and how Versitude refused to help, then Queen Titania manages to find some dying summerberries proving Peaseblossom's point. Winston's allowed by King Oberon to help heal the branches and his cases are lifted, but Versitude responds by telling Oberon his faith in "others" could signal their end.

Spartanian Alliance

As Versitude continues to spy on Astral from Athenia, another man allying her expresses how he thought her "other walk" would be a total disaster and undermine Athenia, he didn't want Astral to succeed, although Versitude informs that in time all would be his and the king and queen had no idea she was working with him.

One day, Versitude would a deliver a message to Winston from King Oberon which was an invitation to tea. Winston would bringing along Peaseblossom as an accompolice much to Versitude's surprise, and Peaseblossom were end up pleasing them with her curtsy, politeness and sense of humor. At school, Astral would participate in a game of dodgeball, which was also the first competitive game she had ever played. Unfortunately, she would end up taking the game too seriously, too the point where it would nearly unleash her inner darkness and corrupt her into being harmful and lethal to her opponents. While her parents were worried about her being exposed to her dark side too soon, Versitude had a pleased look.

Even when Astral eventually returns to her senses and calms down, Versitude knew Astral had a dark side, and planned to unleash it upon her. Winston and Peaseblossom overhear her, and realize just how nasty Versitude was. Peaseblossom wanted to warn Oberon, but Winston reminds her they didn't have any proof that could expose her, that try to collect some. Unfortunately, she got aware she's being spied on and intentionally sets up a series of events that would get Winston and Peaseblossom suspicious of her actions (placing a mysterious item in the queen's tea, declaring an intention to overthrow the king) then when they turn out to be false, and King Oberon eventually has enough of their stories and refuses to listen to them due to his trust in Versitude, she reveals to Winston and Peaseblossom that she had planned all this and this was the intention, and with them out of the way, she was untouchable.

Not long too after Mr. Quince is eventually allowed to re-propose to research center in Evermoor, he would later reveal to Astral, Brendoni, Morgan and Devon that he was actually the brother of Fairy King Oberon, and declare his intentions to destroy Athenia. Aside from Astral trying to bring back memories of the forest to convince him to stand down, With the solar eclipse quickly approaching where the fairies would lose their powers, the king and queen of Athenia would resort to trying to strike a deal with Spartania during a meeting hoping they would let the Athenians move there. But when King Reed of Spartania forced Princess Astral to marry his son Cliff for the deal to be official, that's where Oberon and Titania drew the line.

Another Threat to Athenia

So Astral tried to convince the people around her to join her in defend Evermore Woods, although she could get any supporters despite various attempts. She and her teammates get an idea to upload a video online about Evermore Woods which was a hassle, but it was worth it as it quickly gains a lot of fans due to its cats and they even support how essential the woods were to them. They're hired to do an interview with the news, which quickly becomes well-known among the town. Unfortunately, Versitude takes the opportunity to lock Astral and her teammates inside the gym so they'd they'd be unable to defend Athenia, as she knew Astral would be unable to use her powers to escape during the eclipse.

With very little time and options left, they powerless Athenians had to evacuate, although Winston wanted to stick around and try to help offering to buy the fairies some time until the dimming has passed and their powers return. Winston and Peaseblossom (as a glowing sprite) go to the human world to try and hold off the construction, Winston cuts a wire in the bulldozer, rendering it non-functional. Versitude (watching from back in Athenia) was absolutely furious at this turn of events. The construction workers had a backup cable allowing them to continue working, and when Winston tries to interfere again, Peaseblossom's mistaken for a lightning bug and gets captured in a jar, and Winston gets caught by the workers and kicked out. Meanwhile, Astral and the gang were forced to comes up with and experiment alternate ideas of potential escape, none of which were successful, only managing to get out due to Gigi hearing Hailey's screaming and opening the door from the outside. Back in Athenia, the king and queen saw that Astral was at the protest for the woods and decided to start the evacuation, when Versitude responds that not everyone would get out in time, they summoned the powerless fairies to use as a diversion. Winston breaks free and rescues Peaseblossom from the jar, but the workers weren't slowed down by the fairies, although Astral got the protestors to form a chain blocking the tree. When Devon was in front of the bulldozer and Astral pushed him out of the way, only to get her foot stuck, that grabbed the workers' attention --including Mr. Quince-- as the stopped the machine and helped Astral out. The eclipse ends, and Peter regrets his actions and calls off the building plans. Athenia was saved and Versitude was completely livid, although Oswald had came back from the quest she had sent her on and found out a dark secret about Tristan much to Versitude's pleasure

One Final Surprise

The next day, Versitude continues to discuss Tristan's secret about Spartania to Oswald, but never told King Oberon and Queen Titania about the truth despite Oswald insisting she did so. That night, Winston catches Versitude having a conversation with the Spartania King Reed, and warns King Oberon and Queen Titania about King Reed's return to Athenia. At the fairy-themed high school costume ball, Brendoni and Astral are voted the King and Queen of the fall dance, although Brendoni didn't really care about being king of the dance, so Astral just decided to look for Tristan and dance with him. When she finds Tristan he expresses how much he admires how optimistic and selfless Astral is, and feels like she hasn't met the real her. So then Astral reveals her fairy princess identity to her, and he reveals he's actually a fairy as well, and they fall deeply in love and kiss each other. Just then, King Reed, Versitude and Astral's parents show up and a spell's cast so they Asrtal and Tristan are the only ones in the room. Versitude's chastised by Oberon and Titania for not informing them Tristan was a Spartanian. Astral's parents inform her that Tristan's the long-lost Prince of Spartania and son of King Reed. He was destined to bring doom to Athenia, although he didn't want to, and is forcefully taken away by Reed back to Spartania, leaving Astral all alone.

It's currently unknown whatever happened to Versitude afterwards, or just what she was planning with King Reed.


Versitude: (offscreen) Princess Astral!

Astral: Versitude? You froze time? This must be bad.

Versitude: Oh, this is far beyond bad. Do you want the others to discover us, capture us, destroy us?

Astral: No, I –

Versitude: Then why disregard Oswald's orders to stay home? (Astral tries to speak) This other virus has warped your power through dangerous degree and exposed us!

Astral: I didn't realize –

Versitude: ...that you were risking the safety of your kingdom for some silly infatuation?!

Astral: Tristan?

Versitude:' I'm taking you home, and you will never return. (walks towards mouse-transformed Tristan)

Astral: No! Please Versitude, don't!

Versitude: Look at him. His tiny brain has no idea that with one simple gesture, he could be crushed into nothing. Like so much... dust. (to Astral) Is this worth your kingdom?

~ Versitude confronting Astral in "Cold Season" and threatening her boyfriend.
''Oswald: Hi. (Versitude gives him a stern look) Madame Versitude (bows)

Versitude: Oswald, you're no longer Astral's protector.

Oswald: You do not have the authority to do this!

Versitude: (snickers) I do. You have another assignment.

Oswald: What could be more important than guarding the princess?

Versitude: Aligning the kingdoms. And rest easy, I will be watching over Astral myself.

~ Versitude firing Oswald from being Astral's protector and sending him on another assignment.

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