Buffy405 Veruca

Veruca was a werewolf from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who was a love interest of sorts to Oz, however unlike Oz - who viewed his condition as a curse she felt that werewolves should be free to express themselves as the animals within: regardless of who may get hurt in the process. She was portrayed by Paige Moss.


Veruca was the lead singer of Shy, a local band. She and Oz knew of each other through the music scene, but their paths did not cross until the events of "Beer Bad". She sensed immediately that Oz was a werewolf, though he did not realize she too was a werewolf until much later.


Veruca as a werewolf

During one of Oz's transformations into a werewolf, he escaped from his cage and copulated with a female werewolf, which turned out to be Veruca.

Veruca tried to convince Oz to embrace the werewolf instead of fighting it and locking himself away while he transformed. She claimed that, because they shared this affliction, they should be together, free to do what they pleased. Oz attempted to protect people from Veruca by locking her, along with himself, in his cage, a place in which they mated again. Their affair was discovered by Willow, who tried to use her magic to curse both of them, but could not bring herself to hurt Oz. Veruca sought Willow out with the intent to kill her and almost succeeded. However, Oz, in his werewolf form, fought and killed Veruca by viciously biting her in the throat. He realized he could not go on like this and left Sunnydale in the hopes of finding a cure for his condition.

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