Very Gnawty is the first boss of Donkey Kong Country. It is fought at the end of Kongo Jungle. Very Gnawty is a larger version of a regular Gnawty, but it differs from the regular Gnawties because it has the ability to jump. In the Super Nintendo Entertainment System addition, he was green, as per the regular Gnawties in that version; however, in its Game Boy Advance remake, it was re-colored red (which was Really Gnawty's color in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version).


Being the very first boss of Donkey Kong Country, Very Gnawty does not pose as much of a threat. When the battle starts, players will get back any missing Kongs and Very Gnawty will approach the player with small hops (its only means of movement). Simply jump on its head. The rest of the battle is as easy as that, as it is his only weakness to exploit. After each hit, he looks towards the screen and laugh oddly (in a goofy way to mock the player) and, as the battle goes on, Very Gnawty jumps farther and faster.

In the SNES version, he was a little bigger than Donkey, but in the Game Boy Advance remake, he was nearly twice as big as Diddy. In the Game Boy Advance version, he was re-colored red and jumps to the left or right side of the screen, invincible for a brief period (with every hit he took) and he jumped faster and farther notably more than the SNES version.

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