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Bonnie Fuschau aka Vesta is one of villains of Supernatural.


During Ancient times she was the roman goddess of fire, while who the vestal virgins were sacred to when. When the virgins broke there pledge they were burried alive as a sacrifice to her and she ate them, this went on for years, but with the coming of Christ she lost her followers and thus her sacrifices. Since then Vesta adapted to the new dominant religion and took name as Bonnie Fuschau. She ran a church virginity till marriage pledge, but would still kidnap any one who broke the pledge and eat them.

Following one victim being taken, Sheriff Jodie Mills contacted Sam and Dean Winchester. Arriving they soon noticed the connection and thus themselves joined the pledge to infultrate and figure out what was going on. However Dean managed to seduce another of the members, so Vesta kidnapped them both and placed them in old storage celler where she kept the rest of her victims.

Sam and Jodie however managed to discover what was really going on, and getting a stake dipped in virgins blood (the only thing that could kill her) tracked her down. She over powered Jodie, and then Sam and tried to eat him. Only to discover everything in his body was for some reason dead, Jodie however broke free and stabbed her from behind. Killing Vesta and freeing her victims

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