Vestia is a rogue jaquin who appears in the Disney Junior animated series Elena of Avalor. She was voiced by Diane Guerrero. She's the twin sister of Cruz.


Vestia made appearance in "Race for the Realm". It's revealed she busted Cruz out of jail and they were given shelter by Troyo to hide them from the Avalor Jaquins as they were wanted fugitives now.

When Shuriki needed a Jaquin to gain entry to Vallaestrella where the pieces of the Scepter of Night were hidden, Troyo lead her and Fiero to the twins hiding spot, Shuriki offered them a part in her next attempt to take over Avalor and they agreed to take her to Vallaestrella. When they arrive there they meet a trio of Flaringos, who give them directions to the highest mountain, but also mentioning that Elena and Naomi were on their way there to retrieve Jewel to the Scepter. When the villains reach the mountain and confront the Elena and Naomi, Vestia and Fiero stay behind to deal with Naomi and Luna when Elena goes after Shuriki for her personal revenge.


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