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Spreading misery is what brings me joy. I mean... brings me misery. I mean - joyous misery...?
~ Vex

Vex, also known as The Gloomist, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. She made her debut in the Rise of the Sentinels event as an antagonist.

She is a gloomy emo yordle from Bandle City, whom hates happiness and color. After travelling to the Shadow Isles, she met the Ruined King and took a fancy to him, being the one who amplified his control over the Black Mist in the first place so she can spread misery all over Runeterra.

The one-hundred and fifty-seventh champion added to the game, Vex was released on 23 September, 2021. She is often played in the middle lane.

She is voiced by Jeannie Tirado.


Unlike the other yordles of Bandle City, Vex was always gloomy and dour. Growing up, she never fit with her cheerful brethren and loving parents, and instead found company in her own shadow. When the Ruination spread across Runeterra, Vex intriguedly followed the Black Mist to its source: encountered the Ruined King, Viego. Eager to find a place where she felt she belonged, she took a fancy to him, and agreed to help him in his goals. Using her spirit magic, Vex amplified Viego's control over the Black Mist so he would be able to traverse Runeterra with ease. He made Vex his advisor alongside Thresh, tasking her with obtaining the fetters containing the fragments of his wife Isolde to reunite with her.

After Viego obtained his first fetter in Demacia, he commended Vex for spreading the Black Mist, and she replied that she enjoyed spreading misery. He then sent her to the Freljord, where she met the current Sentinels of Light along with their new companion Olaf. Annoyed that they were trying to stop her, she conjured a shadow creature to protect her from all attacks. When Olaf was unable to go berserk due to being calmed, The Rookie and Vayne had to insult Olaf in order to provoke him into going berserk, making him cleave through Vex's shadow creature, but it did not stop her. Vex eventually found the second fetter within a comb (to her disdain) and tried to make her escape. The sentinels triggered an avalanche to cut off her escape route, but she slowed them down with a cloud of despair and used her shadow to speed away.

The Sentinels later met up with her again in the sewers of Piltover and Zaun, where she tries to obtain another fetter. Rookie told her that Viego only wanted the fetters to resurrect his wife Isolde, but Vex believed that the Sentinels were lying and were trying to "manipulate" her like her parents, who wanted her to be like any other yordle.

Vex would later learn that the Sentinels were right about Viego when he momentarily succeeded in his plan. She hated how he wanted to rid the world of happiness when he had been craving it for himself the whole time. After Isolde told Akshan to kill her, resulting in Gwen and Senna being resurrected and imprisoning Viego, Vex felt disappointment as the world became bright again. She returned to Bandle City to make her parents disapprove of her, but they told her that they loved her unconditionally. Sighing in exasperation, Vex returned to the Shadow Isles where she could sulk undisturbed.

The Meaning in Misery

Vex was playing with a group of specters in the Shadow Isles until her optimistic uncle, Milty, came to the Shadow Isles to check on her. He told her that her parents were worried about her, and wanted her to come home, but Vex refused. Milty concluded that Vex had been isolated from her yordle kin for too long and wanted to reinvigorate her with positive spirit, to her horror. She then had an idea, convincing Milty about her nihilistic philosophy of life and how making others happy is only temporary, telling him that everything is temporary and eventually dies, but yordles can't die and have to live a pointless magical existence. Milty sobbed in despair as his yordle innocence was destroyed by the revelation, while Vex breathed a sigh of relief and continued her game with the ghosts.


  • Vex's passive ability, Doom & Gloom, will periodically cause damage from her abilities to halt enemies' dashes and cause them to stop in fear (Doom), and also deals increased magic damage to enemy champions who have dashed or blinked near her (Gloom). If the effect of Gloom triggers, Doom will take sooner to recharge.
  • Her Q ability, Mistral Bolt, fires a damaging shadow in front of her which soon speeds up but becomes thinner.
  • Her W, Personal Space, deals damage to enemies in a radius around her while granting her a temporary shield.
  • Her E, Looming Darkness, sends her Shadow towards a location, releasing a burst that also marks enemies with Gloom.
  • Her ultimate ability, Shadow Surge, sends out her Shadow in a straight line. If it hits an enemy champion, Shadow Surge can be recast to cause Vex to dash towards them and deal magic damage. If a champion hit by Shadow Surge dies after a few seconds pass, Vex may use it again until time elapses.


Vex has a stereotypical "emo teenager" personality, being pessimistic and gloomy and calling people she dislikes "normies". She later turns out to be malevolent with a desire to corrupt the world with darkness and misery, which brings her joy due to her obsession with despair. Vex joined Viego out of free will, idolizing his goals to bring ruin to Runeterra, but initially did not understand that he really wants to bring back his wife. If the Sentinels tell her that Viego's goals don't have her in mind, Vex claims that her parents were the reason that she turned evil, claiming they were "manipulating" her by encouraging her to be happy and bright and truly loving her. When Viego was finally defeated, Vex felt disappointment due to Viego being another "normie" to her, and offered to open a portal for Senna and Gwen to return to their allies, showing she has a degree of honor (though she warns them to go before she changes her mind). She also demonstrates a nihilistic philosophy of life, which she uses to drive her uncle Milty into despair in order to make him leave her alone.



  • "Vex" is actually a nickname she uses to make her sound dark and eerie.
  • Vex's teaser was originally speculated to be Norra, Yuumi's yordle master, due to also being a yordle and going missing for a long time, likely in the Shadow Isles which can change one forever. It was later confirmed that Vex was never meant to have any connection with Norra from the start of her development.
  • Vex was one of the three champions set to be released after Viego, alongside Gwen and Akshan.
    • Vex was originally supposed to be released second, but she was delayed while Akshan had to be released first due to having to modify the game specifically for Vex's own gameplay, by rendering her Shadow in the game.


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