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Vexor is the main villain of Big Bad Beetleborgs and is the leader of the Magnavores, he looses his patience with his Magnivores' incompetence. He was destroyed briefly by the combined efforts of all three Beetleborgs, after Drew battled with and destroyed Shadow Borg. He quickly revived himself, sprouting a new body and face and managed to grow giant. In his following appearance, he somehow switched back to his old appearance.

In the final of Season One, he awakes a new monster called Nukus who revives all monsters of his army. The Beetleborgs destroy them all but Nukus merges many of all as Borgslayer. The Beetleborgs are defeated for a time, losing their base and their vehicles but Nukus betrays Vexor, wanting to be his own master, revealing indirectly to the Beetleborgs how to defeat Borgslayer. The Beetleborgs defeat Borgslayer and send back him with Vexor, Jara, Noxic, Typhus and the Scabs in the Comic Book, ending the Magnavores' threat.

He was voiced by the late Joseph Pilato.