Vexus' nanobot
~ Vexus' Nanobot, only spoken line calling Vexus

Vexus has a Nanobot who is a minor yet dangerous antagonist in Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot. It made its first appearance in the episode Hostile Makeover as main antagonist along with Vexus.

It was voiced by Audrey Wasilewski who also voiced Tuck in the same series.


It first appeared after Vexus threw a gas on Jenny that blinded enough time for the nanobot to infiltrate on her body and start altering her mechanical parts causing her to progressively grow into a giant monstrous robot as it continued hacking into Jenny's system. At the picture day, the flash from the photography makes Jenny go red-eyed and berserk. The photographer reveals herself to be Vexus in disguise, who orders the now mind-controlled Jenny to destroy the rest of the school and then the whole planet.

Vexus 11

As Brad and Dr. Wakeman distract Jenny enough, Tuck is grabbed by Vexus and screams in terror. This makes Jenny remember Tuck and giving enough time to attach the jumpers to the power box causing short-circuits on Jenny. The nanobot is released from Jenny's body and returns back to normal. Vexus expresses frustration by losing a robot like Jenny to pathetic creatures like humans and proceeds to say she will "console" herself by playing with Tuck, whom she is holding hostage. However, Jenny threatens her that if she does so, the nanobot will have it. The nanobot calls Vexus for help and saddened, decides to release Tuck in exchange of her bot. Vexus and her nanobot then escaping swearing revenge on Jenny.


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