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Victor "Vic" Gigante is a corrupt detective in the NYPD who is secretly working for crimelord Frank D'Amico and a supporting antagonist in the 2010 film Kick Ass.

He was portrayed by Xander Berkeley, who also portrayed Gregory in The Walking Dead.


Gigante has been on the gangster Frank D'Amico's payroll ever since fellow police officer Damon Macready rejected the chance. He frames Macready for drug dealing on D'Amico's orders as a result of the former's refusal to work for the crimelord.

When a large number of D'Amico's goons and drug dealers are killed at the hands of the vigilante father/daughter duo Big Daddy (Damon Macready now a superhero) and Hit-Girl who also steal his money and coke, Gigante is ordered by D'Amico to hunt down Kick-Ass, who he believes is responsible for the deaths of his men. Gigante is unsuccessful, so D'Amico and his son Chris (posing as Red Mist) take it upon themselves to capture Kick-Ass. However, they soon learn that Kick-Ass is not part of the mayhem caused by Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, and discover Big Daddy's existence.

Gigante has the police go after Big Daddy, but it is Chris who delivers the vigilante to his father after shooting Hit-Girl and tricking Kick-Ass into taking him to their safehouse. Gigante watches as both Big Daddy and Kick-Ass are handcuffed to chairs and beaten on both national television and the internet, during which Big Daddy is burnt to death but Kick-Ass is rescued by Hit-Girl.


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