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Vic and Morrie are a duo of outright criminals of the Nickelodeon animated series Hey Arnold!.

They are both voiced by John Mariano.


They appeared in the first episode "Downtown as Fruits", Morrie throws a bag of money to Arnold and Gerald, and Vic (in a Banana costume) and the Strawberry man are waiting for the bag of money, unaware that Morrie gave it to the wrong people wearing the same costume. At the pool hall, Morrie explained to Vic that he gave the money to the wrong people in fruit costumes, Then Arnold and Gerald ran to hide out in Zamboni Jones' Psychic Palace. Later, the police already caught Vic and Morrie, and the strawberry man.

They appear as the main antagonists in the episode "Wheezin' Ed". They had the idea to move the headquarter of their counterfeit penny operation to Elk Island. Later, when they see Arnold and his friends (who believed them to be Wheezin' Ed and his mobster partner) they tried to catch them, but then the police arrested Vic and Morrie.

In "Egg Story", while Arnold and Helga try to find the missing egg, Vic uses the fake egg to get the money for his reward. When Arnold sees that it is not his egg, Helga takes back the money from Vic.

In "Grandpa's Packard", they own an automobile repair shop. Arnold and his grandmother interrogate Vic and Morrie about a missing packard, but they are not the ones that stole it.


Vic is the taller of the two. He wears a green cap, yellow sleeveless t-shirt, black pants and brown shoes. While Morrie is the one with a unibrow. He wears a light blue sweater, dark gray pants and brown shoes.