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Our thirst for blood satiates us, soothes our fears. Seek the old blood, but beware the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young. The foul beasts will dangle nectar and lure the meek into the depths. Remain wary of the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young. Were it not for fear, death would go unlamented. Seek the old blood. Let us pray, let us wish to partake in communion. Let us partake in communion and feast upon the old blood.
~ Vicar Amelia

Vicar Amelia is a member of the Healing Church, a supporting antagonist and a boss in Bloodborne and later a minor antagonist and a hostile NPC in the DLC The Old Hunters.

She is voiced by Lucy Briggs-Owen in the English version and Shizuka Itō in the Japanese version.


As a human, she wears a traditional Healing Church nun outfit, clutching a Gold pendant in her hands.

Following her transformation, Amelia becomes a massive, wolf-like beast covered in ash grey fur with slender, lanky arms and legs, draped in the tattered rags of her Church garb, a pair of twisted antlers on her head. 

Her mouth becomes a canine esque snout filled with many sharp fangs with her lips stretched back in a sinister grin.


Her personality is never given, though it could be assumed that she was devout in her beliefs as a member of the Healing Church. When she becomes a Beast, she mindlessly attacks the Hunter for his blood. It is implied that she has some semblance of her former self intact, as she still clutches her pendant in her claws and also prays to regain her health.

In the Hunter's Nightmare, her bloodlust causes her to attack the Hunter unprovoked, all the while reciting Scripture.


Vicar Amelia is a high ranked member of the Healing Church, who has been passed down the Gold Pendant of the church founder, Laurence. She would be the last of the Vicars as they all succumbed to becoming beasts from the old blood. She can be seen praying in the Grand Cathedral, awaiting her eventual transformation. As the player approaches her, she indeed transforms into a beast that attacks the player, forcing them to slay her.





  • She shares her boss theme with the Cleric Beast, presumably because they were both members of the church who turned into beasts.
  • Originally her name was going to be "Saint Laura", but was changed to Vicar Amelia.


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