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Crubbs in the show.

The Vice Principal and exaggerated character spoof of Miami Vice. Crubbs is always keeping an eye on Students, especially Ned. He is obsessed with flamingos, mini powdered donuts, and sunglasses. He states to Ned in "Guide to: Career Day" that he didn't want to be a vice-principal as a teenager, but rather wanted to be a vice-cop in Miami. He took the job as vice-principal as a way to help the kids at school stop themselves from getting to bad places (And because it still has vice in the title).

He has two catchphrases. One is "Crubbs OUT!", which he will say when he leaves. He is also known to tell people to do something, or "You're fired!", usually said to Gordy, although he never actually means it. This second phrase is a play on Donald Trump's infamous catchphrase, "You're fired."

He also tried to trick all the people who were wanting an interview for Principal until Principal Pal knocked him out and put him in the trap room. Principal Wright then managed to be principal. In Lost and Found, he was discovered to steal things from the lost and found and put them in a special room to keep.

He is also known to tell someone that he will be watching them "Like this". This is followed by him putting his sunglasses on in a strange way. For example, he once said "I'm watching you, like this..." He takes his glasses and turns them crooked on his face. He continues, "Or this" and covers only one eye with the glasses. Finally, he finishes with "And maybe even this". He then wears his glasses normally, and holds up a fist that holds another pair of sunglasses in such a way that his fist resembles a face.

Although he can be severe, crazy and egotistical at times, Crubbs proves to be a very fair person, having no intent in getting anyone into trouble; he is simply strict and takes rules very seriously (although in the series finale he caught Ned eating a chocolate bar in the hallway which is not allowed, then ironically enough he eats the chocolate bar right after Ned hands it over to him). These characteristics make Crubbs both a hero and a villain in the series.