We are tired of you interfering with our buisiness. My men will teach you a lesson!!
~ Vice Terhune to the player before the game starts.
It looks like your luck just ran out. How dare you challenge us! You fool. I'm gonna geet yout to the shivat! Eat lead... baby!
~ Vice Terhune during the game over sequence of the game.

Vice Terhune is the first boss and a minor antagonist of the 1993 arcade beat 'em up game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.


Vice Terhune is a poacher and the leader of a gang of poachers that hunt animals.

When the game starts, Vice Terhune threatens the player for do not interfere to their business. The player fight his men and later encounters Vice Terhune. Vice threatens the player again and hits and awakes the dinosaur, Rock Hopper. Later, the player beats him and Vice tells the Butcher's location to the player.

If the player dies, a continue screen will appear. In the continue screen, Vice Terhune aims a revolver to the player and antagonizes them. If the player decides to continue, they will punch Vice Terhune and continue the game. If they won't continue, Vice Terhune will shoot them and game will over.

In the boss battle, Vice Terhune jumps and punches to the player. And, he shoots his revolver to call the other poachers.


Get lost or loose teeth!
~ Vice Terhune threatening the player.
Your carcass will fatten up this rock hopper before I skin it!
~ Vice Terhune before unleashing his rock hopper.
The Butcher is hunting in the Northern Woods. Don't mess with him... that guy is really nuts!
~ Vice Terhune to the player after his defeat.
The leader of the poachers. Dull-witted but powerful and agile.
~ The enemy guide describing Vice Terhune.



  • In the game, there is an other enemy named Walther (Colt in Japan) who has the same sprite of Vice Terhune.


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