I am not Shinzon. I am his Viceroy. We are sending transport co-ordinates.

The Viceroy is the secondary antagonist of the film Star Trek: Nemesis.

He was portrayed by Ron Perlman, who voiced Sozin in Avatar: The Last Airbender, the High Mage in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Slade in Teen Titans.


The man who became the Viceroy was a Reman working in the mines of his home planet for the Romulans. He took the human clone boy Shinzon under his wing, caring for him as a father figure. When Shinzon grew up, he concocted a plan to seize control of the Romulan Star Empire, courting various hawkish factions in the Romulan military and convincing them that he could lead them to victory over the Federation. A coup resulted in the Romulan Senate being assassinated and Shinzon being installed as praetor. He quickly made his Reman guardian his Viceroy.

The Viceroy took command of Shinzon's flagship, the Scimitar, which was equipped with a deadly thalaron radiation generator. He greeted the Enterprise when they arrived on the planet, as part of an attempt to abduct Captain Picard, the template for Shinzon, for an urgent cell donation to stabilise Shinzon's genetic code. Shinzon also felt a curiosity about Earth women and the Viceroy was able to use his psychic abilities to help Shinzon invade the mind of Deanna Troi in a forced moment of intimacy.

When the Enterprise escaped and warned the Federation of Shinzon's plan to use the thalaron generator to wipe out all life on Earth, the Viceroy followed Shinzon in pursuing the ship in the Scimitar, ambushing it in the Bassen Rift. Two Romulan ships, having turned against Shinzon, ended up assisting the Enterprise, and Troi's mental connection to the Viceroy allowed the Enterprise crew to detect the Scimitar through its cloak. The battle left all the ships involved either destroyed or severely damaged.

On Shinzon's order, the Viceroy led a group of Remans in boarding the Enterprise. They were resisted by a team led by Commander Riker and Lieutenant Commander Worf. The Viceroy managed to slip away from the main battle into the ship's inner workings, followed by Riker. The two men fought and Riker ended up causing the Viceroy to fall from a walkway to his death.


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