Vicki Donovan is a former main character in The Vampire Diaries. She serves as a minor antagonist in Season 1 and the secondary antagonist of the final episodes of Season 8.

Vicki is turned into a vampire by Damon Salavatore, which causes her to spiral out of control and act as an antagonist during one episode in the first season. She is killed by Damon and ends up in Hell. However, in the eighth season, Vicki returns, now acting as a henchwoman to Katherine, in hopes of escaping Hell for good.

She is played by Kayla Ewell.


Season 1

Vicki is bitten by Damon in the "Pilot" episode.

Vicki finally becomes a vampire, but struggles to follow the same moral path as Stefan, especially when Damon tried to coax her into using her powers to kill and feed from humans or at least feed and erase memories. She began to behave in a volatile manner, going as far as to attack and threaten Elena. When Damon taught her to use vampire speed, Vicki fled from the Salvatore brothers and went back to her own home. Vicki texts Jeremy to meet her at the Halloween Party at school and when they met, Vicki took him behind the school and they kissed passionately until she lost control of her vampire side and accidentally bit his lip, causing it to bleed. Elena stepped in, leading Vicki to attack her. Stefan told them to get back to the party while he tried to control her, but Vicki ran away from him. When Elena and Jeremy attempted to get back inside, Vicki knocked Jeremy aside and bit Elena, forcing Stefan to shove a broken board through her chest, killing her. This left both Elena and Jeremy grief-stricken. The incident was erased from Jeremy's memory, at the request of his sister, Elena.

Season 8

Vicki makes a return to Mystic Falls after she came out of hell during the same time as Cade and Kai. Katherine sends her and her mother, Kelly, to wreak havoc on Mystic Falls. A guy notices her walking in town and she murders him. She later texts her mother a "Game on". As Kelly is tied up, she reveals that the bell is going to be rung for Katherine. Matt notes that only someone from the Maxwell bloodline can do so, and he and his father won't. However, Kelly reveals that Vicki is back, as we see Vicki head into the belltower to ring it.


  • Vicki was an episodic antagonist in Season 1 and 3 and the secondary antagonist for the final two episodes of Season 8.
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