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Vicky is a officer of the Rebel Army, her appearance at the Extra Ops "Unknown Snow" and a character in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

The first debuted on "Unknown Snow", Vicky paired to Allen Jr. to finding Beatriz before the Snow Monoeye will ambushed and separated by her escort. This learning casing from the missing villager to sent in for finding these on a hope will may happen to finding Beatriz. She is defeating by the Snow Monoeye use the "Lovely Blizztouch" and introducing to herself with child, then she was very frustrated to Allen Jr.'s lacking at participation doing some introduced. They couldn't find Beatriz and she was very sad to how to find where can she is.

Meanwhile, Vicky appears to be an idol when transport into the Frozen Naglfar to battle. Vicky was excited for what Beatriz said to the bodyguards, now soon later interrupting by Hathol to attack them. Through she severed power attacked the Frozen Naglfar, she accepted a treat.

She was tested by Abigail with working on Dolores and Beatriz to kill Geweih Metzelei. Later, they unable will defeated her and the Invader suggesting treated, despite her to leave as the fireball hitting her. She reclaims to Beatriz that informing at her doing the the Invader gone, that there communication to device are broken stranded. Vicky tells the girls who is hardest work is gotta wasted, because she stolen her. Dion and Abigail appears to revived at them. This sight using her to case will be above to go to the shop until the closed and tell Dion to taking back into the case.

In the summer break, she answering Beatriz's cellphone when they are left. Abul Abbas defending her reinforcements send him to being whelmed by the fish, that in the haste that he official her. Vicky prompts while he deny to request, asking him to need a more considerate that Vicky was sending him to the reinforcements that needed also has a dessert ice cream. Basically, Kriemhild was either of them so he is trapping into the caller.


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