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Vicky McDale

Victoria "Vicky" McDale is a villainess from CSI: Cyber's pilot episode "Kidnapping 2.0".

She was portrayed by Rae Gray.


Vicky McDale was the girlfriend of Ricky Skaggs, and it was revealed that she had a moderate criminal record, as she had been arrested for prostitution and DUI. In the beginning of the episode, the evil Vicky infiltrated the home of Fran and Steve Reynolds and abducted their baby son, Caleb, but not before holding the baby in front of a nanny cam as part of a scheme where babies were being auctioned. She drove away with Ricky after the abduction, and the pair contacted Bill Hookstraten (Fran's illicit lover and Caleb's biological father); demanding $75,000 for Caleb. Vicky received the cash, but gave Bill a different baby, as Caleb was handed off to a covert kidnapping ring.

Vicky and Ricky were found by Avery Ryan and Elijah Mundo at a bar in Five Forks, where the latter searched their car. Though Caleb was not found, the cash they received was found in the trunk, but just as the couple was about to be taken into custody, a man on a motorcycle appeared and shot both Ricky and Vicky to death.


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