Vicky Robinson is the main antagonist of Walt Disney's 1961 film The Parent Trap. She is an attractive gold-digger and the fiancé of Mitch Evers. Her goal is to marry Mitch for his money. She was played by Joanna Barnes.


Vicky met Mitch Evers while Susan was at Camp. They both fallen in love and got engaged, at first she tried to be friendly to Susan although she said offensive stuff to her, but after losing her patience, she began to show her true colors that she is a cold-hearted lady that was just marrying Mitch just for his money, she was also going to send Susan to a boarding school in Switzerland after marrying Mitch. After the camping trip went wrong and the twins getting on her nerves, she breaks up with Mitch and ran off, she apparently married a rich man named Les Blake and had a daughter named Meredith.


  • The actress of the original film also appeared in the 1998 remake as Vicky Blake, the mother of the movie's main antagonist Meredith Blake. It is likely that Vicky Robinson is Meredith's mother. Meaning that after left Mitch Evers, she found another rich man named Les Blake.


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