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~ Victor Crowley's only spoken word.

Victor Crowley is the main antagonist of the Hatchet film series. He is also an archenemy of Marybeth Duston.

He was portrayed by Kane Hodder in all four films, who is famous for playing Jason Voorhees four times in the Friday the 13th film franchise.



Prior of the main event throughout the four films before Victor Crowley's existence, his father called Thomas Crowley was a resident in Honey Island Swamp. He was married to a woman called Shyann. Shyann was dying of stomach cancer, and sometimes a nurse named Lena would come to their house and check on her. This eventually led to an affair between the two.

One night while Shyann was sleeping, Thomas and Lena had sex with Thomas, impregnating Lena. The next morning Shyann find out about the affair and placed a curse on Thomas' and Lena's unborn baby before she died. When Lena gave birth to Victor Crowley, the swamp mourned, the trees wept, and the animals became sick and died, also she saw how her child looked liked and died from it. Thomas at first hid Victor only to hide what he did. But over the years he grew to love his son. Kids would often pick on him due to his deformity, thus leading to Tom having to shield Victor from the outside world.

One Halloween night, three teens come to the house and threw sparklers at it so they could scare Victor out of the house because they wanted to see him. But one of the sparklers caught the door on fire, when Thomas came home he saw the door on fire and the three teens escaped. Thomas tried to save his son by stomping through the door, but it didn't work, so he grabbed a hatchet and started hacking at the door but what he did not know was that Victor's face was pressed against the other side, and when Thomas created a hole in the door, he also accidentally hit his son in the face with a hatchet and Victor died.

Thomas was very upset, he went to one of the teen's houses with a shotgun and told them to come out, but the three teens hid behind their parents, denied everything, and left Thomas to live the rest of his days in anger and devastation.

Afterward, Thomas never left his house and sat alone in isolation and anguish for a decade until he finally died of a broken heart. But Victor was stuck in the night he died as a vengeful ghost/zombie. He became an extremely angry soul who'd butcher anyone who entered the swamp that was once his home.


Hatchet 2

Hatchet 3

Victor Crowley


Before the events of the first film, Victor was a shy kid who was kept away from the rest of the world due to his facial deformity. Victor also had a very close bond with his father, who loved him dearly.

After his death and then his father's, Victor became an enraged spirit. Killing anyone that would come near or inside the swamp he lives in. Not only does he kill them, but he mutilates them, usually out of rage or enjoyment. However, it's also said he's stuck on the night he died, therefore it could be possible that he's thinking that he's only defending himself and/or avenging his father, even though most of the people that come upon him are innocent, regardless, he doesn't hold back on anyone that he comes across.



  1. Unnamed Hunter #1 - Tackled and killed off camera.
  2. Unnamed Hunter #2 - Head cleaved in half with hatchet.
  3. Unnamed Hunter #3 - Jaw ripped off.
  4. Unnamed Hunter #4 - Face chopped off with hatchet.
  5. Unnamed Hunter #5 - Speared through the mouth with hatchet handle.
  6. Unnamed Hunter #6 - Decapitated with a hatchet.
  7. Del House - Hit in the head with a hatchet.
  8. Sue - Fingers cut off, both arms cut off, and decapitated.
  9. Sampson Dunston - Dismembered off-screen.
  10. Ainsley Dunston - Thrown against tree, arm ripped off, thrown against another tree, back torn open/ripped in half.
  11. Jimmy Permatteo - Hacked in half with a hatchet.
  12. Janet Permatteo - Head ripped vertically in half.
  13. Samuel M. Barrett/Doug Shapiro - Head twisted almost completely off.
  14. Shawn - Decapitated with a shovel.
  15. Jenna - Impaled on shovel after having her mouth gored with belt sander.
  16. Misty - Dismembered off-screen.
  17. Marcus - Arms ripped off, grabbed by the leg and slammed against grave structure.

Hatchet 2

  1. Jack Cracker - Intestines ripped out, strangled with intestines until decapitation.
  2. Chad - Head beaten open with hatchet.
  3. Cleatus - Head gored open on motorboat propellers.
  4. Layton - Decapitated with a hatchet.
  5. Avery - Cleaved with a hatchet.
  6. Vernon - Sliced vertically in half from the bottom with giant chainsaw.
  7. John - Doubled with Vernon.
  8. Justin - Head gored open/destroyed with belt sander.
  9. Trent - Curb stomped against a table and partially decapitated.
  10. Bob - Dismembered off-camera.
  11. Reverend Zombie - Cut in half with a hatchet, ripped out of his skin.

Hatchet 3

  1. Randy - Electrocuted with defibrillators until his head explodes,
  2. Hamilton - Head chopped in half with a hatchet,
  3. Fireman 1 - Dismembered off-screen.
  4. Fireman 2 - Dismembered off-screen.
  5. Fireman 3 - Dismembered off-screen.
  6. Fireman 4 - Dismembered off-screen.
  7. Paramedic 1 - Dismembered off-screen.
  8. Paramedic 2 - Dismembered off-screen.
  9. Paramedic 3 - Dismembered off-screen.
  10. Fireman - Arm ripped off.
  11. Paramedic - Chest hacked with a hatchet.
  12. Firemen - Disemboweled.
  13. Paramedic - Mouth impaled on stub tree branch.
  14. Deputy - Impaled by a spear.
  15. Officer - Dragged into house and killed offscreen.
  16. Deputy Elbert - Ripped in half.
  17. Officer - Decapitated with a hatchet.
  18. SWAT member 1 - Hit in the head with a hatchet.
  19. SWAT member 2 - Leg chopped off.
  20. SWAT member 3 - Cleaved in chest with a hatchet.
  21. SWAT member 4 - Head stomped on.
  22. Tyler Hawes - Skull and spine ripped out.
  23. Deputy Schneiderman - Drowned in mud puddle.
  24. Ben - Hatchet thrown into his head.
  25. Sherrif Fowler - Decapitated with belt sander.
  26. Doughtery - Disemboweled.
  27. Deputy WInslow - Chest ripped open.
  28. Amanda Fowler - Head ripped off.

Victor Crowley

  1. Unknown Hunter - Decapitated with an axe.
  2. Del House - Hit in the head with a hatchet.
  3. Sue - Dismembered and decapitated with a hatchet.
  4. Alex - Eyes bashed numerous times and decapitated with a hammer.
  5. Austin - Partialley decapitated with a hatchet.
  6. Kathleen - Arm ripped off and vertically impaled with it.
  7. Chloe - Head stomped.
  8. Casey - Drowned in water when Crowley attacked the plane and causing it to sink faster.
  9. Casey's unborn baby - Died when Casey died.
  10. Sabrina - Jaw broken and decapitated.