Friends, enemies, everybody, they're all the same. Remember, trust equals death. Now you go write that on your lunch box, Banks. (Sir? You dropped your ball.) Remember, nobody. Including me.
~ Diaz tells Cody not to trust anybody.

Victor Diaz is the main antagonist in the 2004 spy comedy film Agent Cody Banks 2.

He was portrayed by Keith Allen.


Before the movie

Diaz was employed for 20 years by the CIA but defected when a promotion to be director was passed over him. Attempting to retaliate and exact revenge, he secretly schemed to rule the world with the help of Lord Duncan Kenworth by implanting a mind control device into world leaders' mouths.

CIA training

After the first movie, Cody Banks attends summer camp, actually a secret facility for training CIA teenage agents. When a group of CIA soldiers attempt to abduct head counselor Victor Diaz, Cody helps him escape, mistaking the CIA operation for a training exercise. The director informs Cody that Diaz stole disks containing plans for a secret mind-control device, and sends Cody to recapture him.

Cody goes undercover

In the United Kingdom, Cody poses as a summer orchestra student at the Kenworth estate to spy on owner Lord Duncan Kenworth, suspected of working with Diaz, supported by his handler, Derek and Kumar, Derek's right-hand man, who masquerade as a chef hired by Lady Josephine Kenworth and a taxi driver respectively. Keeping his mission a secret from his fellow students, Cody sneaks around the estate and confirms that Diaz and Duncan are working together and that they have a working prototype of the mind control device, evidenced when Duncan makes a dog serve drinks and play the piano.

Breaking into Duncan's facility

The next day, Cody breaks into a lab owned by Duncan, where he sees the finished device: a microchip inserted as a filling into a tooth cavity by dentist Santiago. Shortly afterwards Diaz, with a missile launcher, chases Cody and Derek through London streets, but Cody is captured by the Metropolitan Police Service and taken to Scotland Yard. He is later freed by Emily, a fellow student who, similar to Cody, is actually a British MI6 undercover operative. While Emily buys coffee and soda, henchmen sneak up on Cody, knocking him unconscious by drugging him with spray. They kidnap him and implant him with the microchip.

Converting the CIA director

Under Duncan, Santiago and Diaz's influence, Cody meets the CIA director, who is then also converted. This is witnessed by Emily, who explains things to Derek. To get the microchip out of Cody, Derek cuts one of Cody's gadgets, exploding Mentos mints, into a precisely minuscule amount to safely remove it. The group later realise Diaz's plan: to implant all of the world leaders, who are all in London for a G7 summit at Buckingham Palace, effectively giving him control of the world.

Infiltrating the party

Deducing that with the CIA director under Diaz's control, they may be put on a most wanted list, Cody, Derek and Emily infiltrate the party before the summit. There, they realize that most of the dignitaries have already been implanted due to bizarre behavior and Duncan being appointed director of the Royal Mint by the British Prime Minister (upon accepting this, Duncan cruelly states to Josephine that he is leaving her). They explain the truth to the other students, who are performing for the guests, and persuade them to keep the world leaders from attending the G7 summit. They later proceed to do so with an impromptu but rousing performance of War, accompanied by dancing and clapping from the assembled dignitaries and Queen Elizabeth herself, whilst Cody, Emily and Derek search for the villains. Derek is implanted with the microchip, and is set on Cody by Santiago. Before Santiago can kill him through Derek, Emily finds and subdues him, disabling the mind control software and rescuing the U.S. President, who was to be implanted.

Cody Banks vs Victor Diaz

Shortly after Cody kicks out Derek's microchip, the two of them remove the CIA director's microchip. Diaz, realising that his plan has failed attempts to flee, but ends up fighting, and being defeated by Cody in the Queen's gift room, destroying numerous priceless artifacts in the process. Duncan also attempts to escape, but is tripped by his apparently senile and blind butler, who turns out to be Emily's handler and is arrested, much to Lady Kenworth's delight.


I worked for the ClA for twenty years. And when the time came to reward my efforts...I was humiliated, put in charge of children...and a lesser man was given my rightful job as Director. If this project of yours works, Duncan... I'm gonna use it to bring the entire its knees.
~ Diaz explains his endgame to Duncan Kenworth.
You should have run when you had the chance. You still got a lot to learn, kid.
~ Diaz to Cody as they fight for the first time.
You could have grown up to be a fine agent, Banks! (Hey, Diaz! You're never gonna get away with this.) Far from it, kid. The best they could send after me is a boy...and an overweight agent who's on probation?
~ Diaz taunts Cody and Derek.
(Turn yourself in, Diaz.) That's a good idea. I've got an even better one--first I'll kill you, then I escape...then I rule the world.
~ Cody and Diaz meet for the second time.
Where are your friends now, huh, Cody? Good student like you should take note. You trusted. What a mistake! Your friends are nowhere when you're about to die!
~ Diaz and Cody as they fight for the second time.
Sorry? You don't apologize to your enemy!
~ Diaz to Cody about apologizing.
Thank you, everybody, and welcome to Kamp Woody. Now, I am the Commander-in-chief here--I mean, head counselor. My name is Victor Diaz. (Captain Squishy! Captain Squishy!) A.K.A. Captain Squishy, Captain Squishy. (That's funny. That's cute.) Parents, you should know...that your kids are having a great summer here. In the very first week of debriefing--I mean, getting to know, getting to know...getting to know each other. Right through to learning about America...and her so-called friends...who smile at your face while stabbing you in the back.I just wanted him to learn how to swim. And canoeing. We do a lot of canoeing here. Now, I'm pretty sure that you're anxious... to get on the road, so why don't we follow camp protocol...and end Parents' Day by singing the camp song?
~ Diaz explains the "camp" to parents.


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