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Victor Donovan is the main antagonist of the Dead or Alive series. He is the former leader of the DOATEC anti-Douglas faction and the former head of the Development Department, a state of the art military fortress where Project Alpha and Project Omega were developed.

Victor Donovan's face is never seen. It is either blocked by an object or covered with a mask.


In the first Dead or Alive, Donovan employed the Russian assassin Bayman to kill DOATEC's chairman, Fame Dougals. This attempt is thought to have been successful, as Douglas died shortly after the event. The nature of Donovan's rebellion is thought to be controversy over experiments to be carried out to create an ultimate Dead or Alive fighter. This means that Donovan is responsible for the clones Alpha-152 and Kasumi A. At some point after Raidou's demise at Kasumi's hands in the first tournament, Donovan retrieved Raidou's corpse and worked for two years in order to bring him back to life for his agenda. In the second game he made a clone of Kasumi after getting her DNA.He also spies on Helen Douglas using Christie and in the fourth game he made an appearance in Helen's endings and shows up in Dimensions wearing a mask. In the fifth game he tasks Christie to brainwash Rig and make a clone of Kasumi again.

Other Appearances

Victor Donovan appears in the live action film Dead or Alive as the main antagonist. He was portrayed by Eric Roberts.

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