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Victor Drath is a minor antagonist from the original Transformers series. He is a crime lord who is the main antagonist in the episode "Only Human".


After the Autobots foiled Drath's theft of some newtronium, a highly explosive substance which he intended for his clan, Drath decided to get rid of the Autobots. He enlisted the help of a terrorist known as Old Snake (apparently an aged Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe), who provided "human" bodies made from synthoid technology. With Drath's aid, Snake captured the Autobots Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Springer and Arcee and transferred their minds into the synthoids. Drath intended to destroy the Autobots' robot forms, but Snake convinced him they could make use of them as weapons. He ordered two of his men to dispose of the Autobots in their human bodies.

As part of his plan to eliminate the Autobots, Drath had his men load the four Autobots' forms with explosives which he planned to use to blow up Autobot City. His girlfriend Michelle lured the humanized Rodimus Prime into Drath's house, where Drath captured him so he could watch the destruction of Autobot City. However, Ultra Magnus and Springer managed to prevent this. Eventually, the four Autobots were returned to their robot bodies and Drath was arrested along with his minions.


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