They are...absolutely terrible.
~ Victor Karlosson about the Fire Saga.

Victor Karlosson is the main antagonist of the 2020 American musical-comedy film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

He killed at least twelve people to prevent Iceland from winning the Eurovision Song Contest and thus hosting it the following year as he believed it would financially ruin the country. 

He was portrayed by Mikael Persbrandt.


Karlosson is a governor of the Central Bank of Iceland, and likely witnessed the full effects of the 2008 Icelandic Financial Crisis. In the present day, Karlosson is a member of the Icelandic Eurovision Committee who voices his distaste toward an attempt at winning the Eurovision Song Contest due to Iceland being unlikely to afford to host the contest the year after. Ultimately, Karlosson is outnumbered in his view and says nothing more about it.

Twelve acts are selected for the regional contest (to find who will represent Iceland at the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest), one of which a duo called Fire Saga, comprised of Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdóttir, least likely to win the competition. After a failure of a performance from Fire Saga, the two decide not to attend a boat party for all contestants and watch it leave. A sudden, powerful explosion destroys the boat and all other contestants, resulting in Lars and Sigrit being selected to represent Iceland in the contest.

Karlosson does not play much of a role save escorting Lars and Sigrit to Edinburgh. After multiple broadcasted failures and a split between the two, it comes as a shock when Iceland is voted into the semi-finals. Karlosson meets Lars in Iceland to console and motivate him into performing with Sigrit in Edinburgh. While Lars is distracted, Karlosson begins to garrote Lars, who explains that every contestant was meant to be on the boat party and killed to prevent Iceland from winning (thus preventing financial ruin) until Karlosson is stabbed in the back by an unknown assailant (hinted to be mythical Icelandic elves).


Karlosson seems to be a fairly professional man renowned for complaints and critiques during meetings. He is likely very patriotic for his native country, Iceland, as he is willing to kill for what he believes is best for his country.


  • His actor also provided the Swedish dubbing for Shan Yu in the 1998 Disney animated film Mulan, and Kron in the 2000 CGI film Dinosaur.
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