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I will break you.
~ Victor Rashenko

Victor Rashenko is a boss and a villain in the Playstation video game Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas.


Victor Rashenko was originally from the Soviet Union. He committed many crimes in his home country. He moved to the US before the Soviet Union collapsed. Victor began terrorizing the state of Nevada until he was eventually captured. The US government incarcerated Victor into the Mesa Grande prison located just outside of Las Vegas.


Kenny Sinclair, the new warden of the Mesa Grande prison, holds a party in honor of his new job. He invites his best friend John McClane. Kenny also invites Reese Hoffman and Elena Goshkin. During the party, a jailbreak occurs in the prison. The inmates, including Victor, escape and are assisted by the prison's guards.

John nuetralizes the situation before returning to the party. He finds more guards and the other inmates terrorizing the people at the party. John manages to stop most of the inmates and guards including the head guard. The remaining inmates manage to escape in a prison bus. John follows them to a desert warehouse. He sneaks inside the warehouse. John kills more escaped inmates and reaches a bunker right below the warehouse.

Inside the bunker, John stops all of the remaining inmates until he reaches a room. The door closes by itself is automatically locked. Victor descends from an elevator and is armed with a flamethrower. He and John engage in a firefight.

Victor attempts to use his flamethrower but is killed by John. Afterwards, John searches Victor's office. He intercepts a radio message from another terrorist. John leaves the bunker and follows the source of the message. 


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