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Oh, no. I already know that the weapons are on the pier behind the Malpraiso Brewery. In fact, my men have already unloaded the truck and brought the weapons here. What's the matter, gentlemen? Surely you're not afraid of your own weapons!
~ Victor Sagat to Ryu and Ken.

Victor Sagat is the secondary antagonist of the 1994 film Street Fighter. He is based on the video game character of the same name.

He was portrayed by Wes Studi.


Victor Sagat was a powerful crime lord operating in Shadaloo, a nation in South East Asia. He was a close ally of the insane and powerful dictator General M. Bison. The two of them terrorized the country and worked together to drive out U.N Forces. Sagat was tasked with supplying Bison with weapons and was one of the few who knew the location of his fortress. Sagat was also a very skilled and retired cage fighter, who was once known with the nickname "The Iron Fist".

Victor Sagat made a deal with two frauds named Ryo Hoshi and Ken Masters, who promised to supply him with some weapons in exchange for money and helping them get out of the city. Sagat figured out that they were try to trick him, and had his men bring their weapons there, but it turned out those where fake weapons, so Sagat ordered his men to give them a lesson. However, Ryu and Ken proved to be a very skilled fighters and easily beat them all. Sagat was interested by their skills and decided to let them fight alongside Vega. He had Ryu fight him first but just before the fight started A.N commander Colonel William F. Guile stormed the club and had them all under arrest for violations the curfew announced by the army. Guile wanted for some time to capture Sagat, as he would lead them to the bigger threat of Bison, who at the time was holding hostages in exchange for a great deal of money. Guile planned to put someone in Sagat's gang, but his Lieutenant Cammy White told him that Sagat doesn't trust easily people and that's why he became an underworld boss. However, Guile decided to use Sagat's enemies Ryu and Ken, and planned an escape attempt for them, in which he would feign his death in order for them to earn Sagat's trust. The escape was successful and Ryu and Ken managed to befriend Sagat even though his second-in command Vega still didn't trust them.

Sagat later had a meeting with is ally Bison during a dance show in a market. There he delivered a new supply of weapons to Bison who offered him to split the country with him after the war was over. Sagat told him that they will talk about that after the war and asked his money for the weapons he delivered. Bison showed him his new Bison dollars, much to Sagat's frustration who called him a lunatic and threatened to stop their partnership. They two sides almost collided but they stopped after reporter Chun Li Zhang attempted to blow the whole place. Sagat and Bison evacuated and went after Chun Li and her men. They were soon found, and were all brought to Bison's fortress. Sagat was welcomed by Bison to stay despite their previous clash. Soon it was revealed that Guile wasn't dead and that he was heading for the fortress, much to Sagat's confusion. Bison insulted him and revealed to him that Ryu and Ken tricked him as they were working for Guile. After the A.N invaded the fortress, Sagat and Vega decided to have their revenge and followed Ryu and Ken who split up. Vega and Sagat ambushed Ryu and attacked him together but were soon joined by Ken who arrived to help him. Sagat fought against Ken and despite putting up a good fight he was bested by him. Ken spared his life and thanked him as if he hadn't known him he would probably be like him. Sagat then abandoned Vega (who had been defeated by Ryu) as he would slow him down, and exit the fortress along with Dee Jay before it's explosion planning to escape to Jamaica with him along with Bison's money. They crossed the river and Sagat opened the box only to find the worthless Bison dollars once again. Sagat started to laugh and scatter the money around, and it is unknown what happened to him afterwards.


Victor Sagat was almost as evil as Bison but wasn't delusional and a lunatic like him. He wasn't as clever either as he failed to see through Guile's ploy and got tricked by Ryu and Ken. He was also vengful as instead of escaping he chose to punish Ryu and Ken for their betrayal. In contrast to the game's version, this Sagat had no redeemable qualities and had no personal rivalry with Ryu, who was more of Vega's rival in the movie.


  • Ken Masters
  • Ryu Hoshi
  • William F. Guile
  • Chun Li Zhang
  • Cammy White
  • T. Hawk
  • E. Honda
  • Balrog
  • Sawada


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