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You wanna talk 'genius'? How about making people believe that they needed my V-corp products? I mean, look at this V-Phone 6: it's just smaller than the 5 and bigger than the 4. That is literally the ONLY difference, and it's FLYING OFF THE SHELVES!! (Zack: People have different-sized pockets.) People are sheep! People are stupid gullible puppets that I can manipulate at my whim! WHO'S THE GENIUS NOW?!!
~ Victor revealing his arrogant nature (and the very same speech that sealed his fate).

Victor Verliezer is a recurring antagonist of the Disney XD series Milo Murphy's Law, serving as the main antagonist of the episodes "A Clockwork Origin" and "The Ticking Clock". He is the founder and CEO of a business tech company known as V-tech Corp Incorporated, but is later revealed to be a total fraud.

He was voiced by Joel McHale, who previously voiced the prototype Norm head in Phineas and Ferb.



Victor started off as a former business partner to an old man named Clyde Rickenbacker, who happens to be a brilliant inventor as he was responsible for developing the latest phone and tablet models; even Clyde managed to perfect himself a new all-purpose but sentient robot known as the Cybernetic Individual Domestic Droid (or C.I.D.D. for short). However, despite his intelligence, Clyde has a lack of business venture in selling his inventions for profit, which gave Victor the opportunity to manipulate Clyde into signing off the rights of his work in exchange for a single dollar. This leaves Victor to take ultimate credit for Clyde's work, even renaming Clyde's phone and tablet models as "V-phones" and "V-tablets" to start off his new company as V-tech Corp Incorporated.

A Clockwork Origin

Victor first appeared when he publicly announced his presentation of C.I.D.D. as his latest invention to the bystanders (including Milo Murphy, Zack Underwood, and Melissa Chase). However, after enduring several hits from Victor, C.I.D.D. starts to go haywire saying that he needs to find "Zero-Zero" in a more terrifying way, prompting Victor to end his presentation by closing the curtains. As Milo peeks through the curtains, he notices Victor ordering his employees to do another memory wipe on C.I.D.D. by complaining about how Clyde taught C.I.D.D. how to juggle. As Victor's bodyguards tried to restrain C.I.D.D. by using tasers, Murphy's Law took in effect that causes the curtains to fall down, allowing C.I.D.D. to escape from the V-tech building.

Wanting to retrieve the robot back, Victor and his men follow it through their own V-carts (another one of Clyde's inventions that Victor has stolen). Milo and his friends track down C.I.D.D.'s current location at a lumberjack festival, where Milo explains his findings to Zach and Melissa. Deducing that "Zero-Zero" actually means 'origin' and that Clyde was Victor's former partner, Milo and his friends suspect that Victor has stolen the robot from Clyde and took credit for it. Tracking down Clyde's current location at the festival, Milo and his friends were able to find C.I.D.D. and return it back to Clyde. However, Victor and his men followed the kids and trapped the robot with a net, intending to bring it back under his control. Zack uses a new app on his V-phone that sends out a high-pitch note that annoys Victor and his men, allowing Clyde to free C.I.D.D. and escape along with Milo and the gang.

As the chases go on, Victor and his men finally catch on to Clyde and the kids at the V-tech building before capturing C.I.D.D. with grappling hooks. Clyde begs Victor not to take C.I.D.D. away and finally confesses to the kids that he was tricked by Victor into selling the rights of his works, which made the kids very furious at Victor for stealing away all of Clyde's work. However, Victor does not care and reveals his arrogant nature by saying that he wanted to make people believe that he's a real genius as he truly thinks of them as idiots who would be stupid to buy his products for profit. Just as Victor is about to get away with his actions, Melissa reveals that Clyde tricked him into confessing his crime just as she, Milo, and Zack were recording it with their V-phones. The kids then broadcast the footage on the live screen at the V-tech building for everyone to see what a complete fraud that Victor really is, much to Victor's shock.

Offended by this, all the customers decided to stop buying his products, even several of them used their V-phones to sell away all their V-corp stock out of complete disgust. Zack even took the opportunity to use his app in placing a picture of an aardvark on top of Victor's head on the screen to taunt him. This revelation causes V-tech to go out of business; even an instant demolition was put on the V-tech building while several repo men take away the V-carts before replacing them with cement blocks and sticks for Victor and his men to sit on, much to their humiliation.

The Ticking Clock

Following the loss of his company and reputation, Victor was reduced to being a disgrace by the entire community for stealing Clyde's works; even a newspaper detailed his crimes labeling him as a fraud and scam artist, much to his anger. Eventually, Victor soon learned that the town square clock tower named Old Bessie (built by Melissa's great-grandmother) is about to be dismantled due to broken parts, and that Clyde is tasked (along with C.I.D.D., Milo, Melissa, and Zack) in fixing the mechanism.

Wanting to get revenge on Clyde and the kids for ruining his business, Victor and his two remaining men confronted them by revealing that they bought the area and that Victor plans to dismantle the tower at 5:00 so that he can build a new clock tower called the V-clock for profit; even gloating that he intends to have the V-clock transform into a giant killer robot that is far more superior to C.I.D.D. Not wanting to let this happen, Milo and his friends tried to help Clyde and C.I.D.D. in fixing the clock, but their efforts proved to be futile due to Murphy's Law; even Victor and his men took the opportunity in stealing more spare parts to prevent them from succeeding.

Fortunately, Melissa learned that the former evil scientist Heinz Doofenshmirtz has built an inator that utilizes hooks to clean the city of sidewalk gum. With that in mind, Melissa brings Doof over to the tower, where he uses his inator to make the hooks spin the gears faster, combined with a lot of gum glued to the sides of the gears to speed up the process. As a result, the tower is finally fixed at 5:00, and Melissa thanks Doof for a job well done; even Doof's former nemesis Perry the Platypus is quite impressed by this turn of events. Upon witnessing this, Victor angrily fumes in defeat and complains about how his fate gets any worst right before Murphy's Law caused the sidewalk gum to be ejected from the inator after the sandbag fall on the front of it. The sidewalk gum then smacks Victor in the chest, sending him flying off the tower into a tree and leaving him stuck where a substitute teacher ceremony was held in the park, much to his distraught. The announcer then sarcastically asked Victor if he had bought enough gum for everyone, to which Victor sadly replied that he did.


At first, Victor was thought to be believed as a friendly and inspirational thinker capable of creating grand technology that would benefit others. However, this was just a ruse to hide his true nature: that of an arrogant, manipulative, selfish, and power-hungry con artist determined to put himself to the top. To that end, he was willing to steal away Clyde's works and pass them out as his own for profit; even gloating that he would convert the old clock tower into a giant killer robot.

However, Victor's arrogance proved to be his downfall, as he gloats out his intentions to the kids, who used his confession to expose him as the fraud he is; he even suffered the same fate again when he gets projectiled into a tree with sidewalk gum after fuming over his failure to destroy the clock tower.


  • Victor is similar to Doofenshmirtz as they are both villainous geniuses and are involved in using technology in their plots to gain power.
    • However, Doofenshmirtz is quite sympathetic to others, capable of creating his own inventions (including his robot assistant Norm), and has been successful a few times in spite of his incompetence; this was shown he used his latest inator to successfully fix the clock tower in spite of his failure to clean sidewalk gum without causing damage. Victor, on the other hand, holds no empathy towards others, tends to steal other people's inventions and pass them out as his own (just like he stole C.I.D.D. from Clyde), and lets his own arrogance be his downfall.


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