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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Victor Zsasz from the DC Extended Universe. The mainstream version can be found here: Victor Zsasz.

~ Victor Zsasz to Harley Quinn

Victor Zsasz is the secondary antagonist of the 2020 DC Extended Universe film Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). He is the loyal but psychopathic right-hand man of ruthless crime lord Roman Sionis.

He was portrayed by Chris Messina.


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The psychopathic Victor Zsasz serves as a crime boss Roman Sionis's loyal right-hand man, and often tortures and kills people without question on his orders. He tortures and kills a crime boss and his wife and daughter after he turned down a deal to go into a partnership with Sionis, and flayed off their faces which caused them to go into shock and die.

After Harley Quinn splits from Roman's nemesis Joker, Sionis has her kidnapped and brought to his headquarters and wants her tortured by Zsasz, however they spare her when she offers to get a diamond that Sionis wants his hands on, which was stolen from Zsasz by a girl named Cassandra Cain. Although they let her go, Sionis orders Zsasz to text all their criminal contacts and put a bounty on Cassandra to get the diamond.

He was killed by Huntress who revealed that Zsasz was partially responsible for the death of her family.


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  • This is the third live-action depiction of Victor Zsasz. He had originally made his cinematic debut as a cameo character in the 2005 film Batman Begins. His second depiction was as a recurring antagonist in the television series Gotham, in which he appeared in all five seasons from 2014 to 2019. Similar to his role in Birds of Prey, these previous two incarnations of Zsasz also served as a hitman loyal to someone in the criminal underworld. Similar to the Gotham Zsasz, this one is portrayed in a comedic manner.
  • Similar to his original appearance in the comics, this Zsasz has short blonde hair, whereas in the comics and media he is now mostly depicted as having a shaven head.
  • Although this version enjoys killing, he doesn't seem to be like the nihilist serial killer as depicted in the comics who has a twisted philosophy that he is relieving his victims from the pointlessness of existence, and instead only seems to kill when given the word by Black Mask.


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