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Victoria is a supporting villain in the Spawn comics and the wife of Eddie Frank the third Redeemer.


Victoria appears during the Jim Downing arc as she was sent by Heaven to investagate the anomaly caused by Al Simmons suicide and later on fights off Jim Downing who defeats her and later got her wings cut off by the Violator making her into a crazy homeless woman until meeting the Redeemer aka Eddie Frank her husband who went looking for her. She would later make a deal with the Violator to become an angel again but was transformed into a vampire by Bludd out of Spite Violator tries to kill her but she was saved by the Redeemer. It is unknown what happens to her after these events of the Jim Downing arc but since Redeemer is still active and married to her it's safe to assume that she is still around.

powers and ablitlies

As a warrior of Heaven she was a skilled fighter with superhuman strength,speed,stamina,and durablity as well as flight and an acess of holy weapons.

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