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Villain Overview

Small price to pay.
~ Victoria before killing Alastair Adana.
Look, I'm sure you're all wondering why I'm here tonight, instead of rimming out AOC, while shouting, "Defund the police," up her asshole. But I'm here tonight to tell you the truth. The truth is America is not a democracy. The word "democracy" makes people feel safe. But the founders never trusted the masses, because the truth is, the masses are fucking stupid. Anyone who owns a "Live, Laugh, Love" mug shouldn't have a say in how a country is run. People are a labor force that need a kind, but firm hand. There are no nations. There's Apple, Exxon and Berkshire Hathaway. Corporations are the real superpowers here. You should be able to operate without any regulation or restriction whatsoever. After all, you're billionaires. You are smart enough to know what's best. Bottom line? You support me, and that is what you'll fucking get.
~ Victoria Neuman's speech to the Federalist Society members.

Victoria Neuman, born Nadia Khayat and also known as the Head Popper, is the secondary antagonist of the 2019 Amazon TV adaptation of the comic book series The Boys and one of the overarching antagonists of its 2023 spin-off series Gen V.

In her characterisation, she is a congresswoman who originally appeared to be an anti-Supe activist and the director of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs. However, it is soon revealed that she is actually a Supe herself with hemokinesis, and a mole for Vought International, as well as the adoptive daughter of Stan Edgar - having been tasked with opposing them as a means to keep everyone off guard and to gain information from and kill those against Vought.

She is portrayed by Claudia Doumit as an adult, who also played Beth Breen in Supergirl, and by Eliza Paszt as a child.


Yeah, we know. We were there, remember? Covered in my chief of staff's brains. Look, there was no terrorist. It was Vought. It's a f-cking coup.
~ Victoria secretly contradicting herself to the Secretary of Defense.

Victoria first appears as a dedicated and outspoken woman who would stop at nothing to expose Vought Enterprises to their crimes; she also appears to care for her fellow citizens, rallying them up against Homelander after he killed an innocent civilian.

However, it was all merely a façade to hide her true self: a Vought spy who is manipulative, ambitious, and cunningly destructive to the core. She can adapt to any situation, catching Grace Mallory and The Boys off guard the entire time she was with them as she secretly collected information for their next step against Vought. She apparently shows no remorse for the people she has killed, smiling after she killed Alistair Adana after he blackmailed her. However, she is sane and sharp enough to notice the dangers of having Homelander around, as well as his unstable mental state, as she cautiously kept her eyes on him to presumably kill him if he were to snap. 

She also seems to genuinely care for Stan Edgar, whom she views as a father despite being adopted; she also loves her daughter Zoe and is very protective of her, especially after Homelander threatened to kill Zoe, which prompted her to inject Zoe with Compound V as a last resort. She is particularly interested in Marie Moreau, the only other blood manipulator besides her, and she seemed to be one of the few people who understood her due to their similar past, although Victoria is especially interested in the prospect of Marie joining her. Her betrayal of Stan may be inspired by his teachings, since he wasn't upset, but proud of her for outwitting him for the sake of her own interests.

She seemed genuinely fond of Hughie, as even after he learned her true self as a Vought plant and supe, she spoke to him kindly when he was on mission with The Boys, claiming it was based on his friendliness and help before he found the reality about her. It is possible that her sentimental recalls of their times together were more of her manipulative nature, yet when he tried to kill her with acid, she was unharmed yet merely mildly annoyed it ruined her suit. Her lack of retaliation may be out of arrogance, however, it is still plausible that she also still liked him - which is reinforced by the fact there were no witnesses, but she didn't murder him.

While hiding her supe nature to the public was originally a strategic decision, she may be ashamed of being one, which was even understood by the typically unempathetic Homelander, who desires for her to embrace it, but not out of actual support, but so she will be more inclined to enact his supe supremacist reforms. Her shame about her supe state may, like Marie, be based on her lack of control killing a loved one when a child, as well as the perception of blood powers being too disgusting for the general public; Homelander believed that Stan Edgar had conditioned her to be ashamed so he could keep controlling her, although there hasn't been concrete confirmation. Ironically, her aim to protect Zoe by giving her a Compound V injection doomed her to a similar fate of being seen like a monster, as her four tendril-like mouth-appendages are frightening, and despite only being a child, Zoe killed like her mother had as a child, but in a worse manner since it was deliberate and sadistic.

Other than Stan Edgar and Zoe, she does seem to hold genuine affection for Dr. Sameer Shah, who is Zoe's father. It isn't clear if she and Shah are still involved in a romantic relationship, but it is apparent that she continued to hold strong feelings for him, and experiences uncharacteristic concern for his safety and well-being. Upon believing he had died, she was visibly saddened and distressed; this grief may have been a factor in her prevention of Stan's transportation back to prison, since she may have grown a greater appreciation for her familial attachments from Shah's "death." Since Shah escaped, he made it back to her, but she used it as a reason for Hughie to believe her moral intentions, because she didn't want retribution for his kidnapping and loss of leg.

Evidently, her sentimental statements to Hughie were genuine. After the assassination plot against Robert Singer failed, Homelander fell into erratic demands that the death will happen no matter what, and Neuman will become a puppet president, or else he will abduct and horribly torture Zoe for the rest of Neuman's life; thereby, in her vulnerability, she earnestly contacted Hughie, revealing that he was the only person left in the world that she could trust. Despite her prior aid and abetting of Vought's immoral plans, upon understanding the scale of Homelander's violence, and fear for her daughter, Neuman attempted to flip to join the Boys to help prevent the likely cataclysmic ends of Homelander's ambitions. Before she could actually help and ensure the safety of her daughter, a Compound V/V24 tumor-empowered Butcher interrupted and bloodily killed her; beyond the unfortunately abrupt end to Neuman's character, Zoe was doomed to be interred at Red River, the institute that imprisoned and experimented on Neuman as a child so horribly that she still felt trauma decades later.


Early Life[]

Victoria was born under the name Nadia Khayat, and she was presumably given Compound V as an infant. As a child, she accidentally killed her parents due to being unable to control her powers and was swiftly sent to Red River, where she learned how to control her powers. She also met and befriended another orphan named Tony during that period of time; however, she would get adopted several times by multiple adoptive families, but she ended up killing all of them. She would eventually be adopted by Vought International CEO Stan Edgar, who gave her a new identity, erased all evidence regarding her victims, and made a promise to always look out for her.

She would eventually become a dancer in college, and her dancing videos went viral on the internet at some point. Over time, Victoria, started a career as a congresswoman with a remarkable profile. Victoria at some point, would meet Sameer Shah and have a daughter with him named Zoe, whom she cared deeply for.

Season 2[]

Neuman first appears as a young, female congresswoman who is allegedly against Vought's agenda and the superheroes. After the exposure of Compound V, she started a rally and pushed the U.S. House Judiciary Committee to start a hearing about Vought and Compound V. She is often seen on TV ranting and debating against Vought and their agenda. Victoria also keeps up with Grace Mallory and certain insiders to get the information and access she needs to take Vought down. She has a big public presence, often leading protests and speaking on the news about the corruption at Vought. Unbeknownst to them, she is a spy sent by Vought. 

After The Boys took Lamplighter from Sage Grove Mental Institution, Victoria met up with Grace and The Boys, who brought her Lamplighter to speak up as a witness at the trial against Vought about what really happens behind closed doors at Vought. She wants to "bring down the king" and insists that they get more information to accuse Vought. She wants to find more proof about what goes on at the Sage Grove Center. After Lamplighter's suicide, Billy Butcher convinces Jonah Vogalbaum to speak before Congress, which really pleases Victoria. However, just before his testimony, Victoria uses her powers to explode his head, along with several other people in the audience. Victoria gets splashed with blood and fakes her state of shock at the scene.

Therefore, it is revealed that she is a supe and is the one responsible for the attack at the congressional hearing, as she proceeds to explode Alastair Adana's head, killing him instantly. She was also responsible for killing Susan Raynor days before the hearing to prevent her from giving out any more information to The Boys. All along, Victoria is actually a Vought International mole who is tasked with gaining information on anyone apposing Vought and taking action. She was last seen hiring Hughie Campbell, who is applying for a job at her office, while he is unaware of her affiliation with Vought International.

Season 3[]

Victoria works closely with Hughie Campbell at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, where their job is to regulate Supe activity. They try to keep Supes, like Termite, in check and put some in jail if need be. Victoria is a very public figure, and her work at the FBSA seems welcomed by Stan Edgar and the general public. However, in Season 3, her status as a Supe and past with Stan Edgar are revealed to Hughie, who starts to doubt her intentions. Victoria continues to pretend that she is not a Super and has no ties with Stan Edgar as she continues her political agenda.

Victoria approaches Annie about teaming up together, claiming that they could share influence to help each other. Annie turns her down because she's done with playing dirty.

At a pep rally, Victoria confronts Homelander. She tells him to take control of the situation with Soldier Boy. He grabs her by the neck, but she tells him she wants a strictly transactional relationship with him—for them to help each other. She provides him with Ryan's current location, and he lets her go.

Homelander later repays Victoria's favour by having The Deep murder Lamar Bishop, who was supposed to join Robert Singer's presidential campaign as his running mate. This opens up the path for Singer to pick Victoria as his running mate, further advancing her political career.

Gen V[]

You don’t have sh-t. Marie Moreau, Guardian of Godolkin, is marketing, okay? And you better believe that Vought will ship her off to the adult facility if she keeps f-cking up her situation. But the first Black woman in The Seven, she has real power. She’s friends with the vice president. That woman, she could make a real difference politically, culturally. Maybe she can even find Annabeth. Two paths, Marie. You have to choose. You can’t have both. Let’s keep in touch.
~ Victoria manipulating Marie Moreau so that she goes her way.

Victoria visits Godolkin University, the main educational institution for superhumans, for a public meeting where she explains the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs' plan to reform law enforcement against Supes. The meeting ends in chaos, with the completely deranged Godolkin students starting to trash the room by refusing to be treated as low as normal humans. While she is being evacuated, Victoria comes across Marie Moreau wanting to speak to her urgently, to the great pleasure of Victoria, who just wanted to meet Marie on her way to Godolkin.

In private, Victoria begins chatting friendly with Marie, complimenting her on her blood manipulation powers. Through simple persuasion from Victoira, Marie discovers the ability to sense Compound V in Victoria's blood, thus revealing to Marie her true nature as a Supe before also revealing to her that she is just as capable of manipulating blood. When Marie tells her about Dean Shetty and Dr. Cardosa having developed a virus that could decimate all the Supes, Victoria responds simplistically that she will take care of it, making Marie incredulous to the point of insisting on wanting to prevent that, but Victoria warns her that Vought will eventually get its hands on her if she continues to stand out. She then manipulatively encourages her to become the next member of the Seven to truly make a difference, as well as to see her little sister Annabeth again.

In the evening, Victoria meets Cardosa, who decides to give her the virus out of fear of the repercussions that Vought could cause him. Despite Cardosa's cooperation, Victoria blows his head off anyway, which was most likely due to two factors: to hide her involvement in obtaining the virus, and perhaps more crucially, executing the one person who knew how to create the virus, thereby preventing others from using him to concoct more of it.

Season 4[]

During a rally with Presidential candidate, Robert Singer, a gatecrashing Homelander appears to talk to Victoria, who smiles to cameras but irritably demands to know why he is there, since he is currently in a legal case due to his manslaughter of a heckler. So they can talk, they send their respective children Ryan and Zoe to get ice cream. The VP candidate and Vought CEO debate about their collaboration being over, yet he insists it has only just begun.

When Frenchie and Kimiko are replacing Neuman's cosmetics with some likely lethal replacement, they are guarded by two of Neuman's guards, who are also on the CIA payroll. When Zoe entered the room, the guards try to convince her to leave, but she sees the two Boys; Zoe revealed her supe nature as four tendrils with fangs emerge from her mouth, which she used to murder the guards, while Frenchie and Kimiko escape into the hall, then out a window, with Annie carrying him down, and Kimiko splattering on the ground, but recovering due to her healing factor.

Neuman finds Hughie in the control van, much to his horror. Hughie recounts the work they did together supposedly foiling Vought, and the pleasant times they shared, and thus wonders if any of it was real. Neuman added additional sentimental memories that imply a real friendship, and a hope to return to it. However, Hughie is too sceptical of her, so hurls acid from a canister at her face. This acid fails to do anything but ruin her suit; Butcher plants a gun barrel at her forehead a fires, but the bullet only pushes her, while it ricochets through the van, almost hitting Hughie. Neuman sarcastically acts angry about her ruined outfit, then leaves to change for a photo op with Robert Singer.

In a destitute Vought Video, Neuman meets with Butcher, as per their recently agreed arrangement. She promises to save Ryan if he steals the proof about her Red River past that Hughie has, and they seem to agree. Later, however, Butcher's V24-damaged brain had been giving him visions of his late wife Becca, who acts as his conscience; therefore, when Neuman receives a file that is named after Red River, it is revealed to her revulsion and irritation that Butcher instead sent a graphic photo of a prolapsed anus.

Vought News Network allowed Firecracker's right wing conspiracy rants into an organised live mainstream broadcast, as part of Sister Sage's machinations to undermine opponents to supe supremacy. Firecracker eventually rants solely around Annie January (though using her superhero name of Starlight); the redneck lists numerous alleged crimes based on nothing. However, due to Vought's resources, Firecracker exposed that Starlight had an abortion, which was the first true thing; after relentless insults and lies, upon having her privacy violated, Starlight confronts Firecracker and violently beats her. Starlight would have continued the beating if not for MM stopping her and making her aware of the TV cameras broadcasting her actions. Due to Starlight's breakdown, she is framed by Vought as an irrational psychopath, with Victoria Neuman doing a news interview in which she echoes the condemnations, although delivered through an air of false sympathy and claims to have been true friends with pre-breakdown Starlight.

Neuman had transported the sample of the supe-killing virus created by Edison Cardosa to a lab she had established hidden within a farm, formerly owned by her adopted father, Stan Edgar. The Boys convince Edgar to help them locate the virus due to the reveal that his granddaughter, Zoe, had been turned into a monstrous supe without his knowing; as such, he is placed in their custody with a Presidential pardon promised if he gets the virus to them. When the Boys and Edgar arrive to the farm recover the virus, the lab is in disrepair with blood everywhere, and occasional dead bodies of the staff, and most cages for lab animals open and empty; likewise, the refrigerators had their samples of the virus taken away.

Neuman ambushed the Boys, accompanied by her security detail, threatening to kill them for the location of the lead scientist, Dr. Sameer Shah, however, they successfully make her realise that they hadn't done anything due to only just arriving themselves. Edgar and Neuman have a tense reunion, but all are too focused on finding the remaining scientist to acquire the virus. When they search a nearby hen house, they find more dead bodies and the revelation that the chickens had acquired superpowers, which made them invulnerable and capable of killing humans just by jumping through them, and one does so to one of Neuman's security detail. When a chicken is about to kill Edgar, Neuman used her blood powers to make its head explode, thus saving her adopted father, implying attachment despite her betrayal of him.

During the walk searching the grounds, Edgar criticised Neuman for converting Zoe into a supe, while she argued it was to protect her; Neuman also vented her frustration about having to hide her true nature, which Edgar claimed to be for her protection, though she countered it was due to him being ashamed of her, to which he doesn't respond.

Due to an attack from flying vampiric sheep, everyone is forced into shelter of the barn, except for Neuman's remaining security detail, who are ripped to pieces. Hiding in the barn is revealed to be Dr. Sameer Shah, who Neuman displayed a strong sense of affection towards, which helped the Boys realise that Shah is Zoe's father. The only other remaining scientist is in the barn, too, however, he had suffered a fatal wound, so had died far earlier than the teams had arrived. Shah explained that a V-empowered hamster broke out of containment, freeing the other test animals, and knocking Compound V doses down that smashed on the floor, then flowed into the ground water, thus granting powers to the farm animals.

Shah revealed that he had one dose of the supe-killing virus left, which the group debate upon how to use, whether to save it to refine a version that can kill Homelander, or dose the dead body, feeding it to the vampire sheep and killing them. Ultimately, it is decided that the dead body would be infected and thrown out to kill the sheep for the to consume it and die. While it takes until nightfall, the sheep eventually devour the infected body; when everyone runs to escape, the sheep pursue, but one projectile vomits and died, while the others drop similarly dead from the sky.

A clean-up crew arrived to retrieve the contaminated lifestock and remove the blood, gore, and potential biohazards. One of the crew presents the leg of Shah to Neuman, apologising to her that he had evidently died in the escape. Since the Boys didn't obtain the virus, they renege on the deal with Edgar, forcing him back into custody for transportation back to prison. However, the law enforcement escort have their heads popped by Neuman, and she freed her adopted father, although seemingly into her custody or perhaps protection.

Unbeknownst to Neuman, her lover Shah hadn't died, rather Butcher had cut off one of his legs to fake his death, so he could take the scientist to recreate the supe-killing virus in lab beyond Vought or Neuman's reach.

Neuman attended a party at Tek Knight's estate for the ultra rich and Conservative elite; as a part of Sage's plan to enact her and Homelander's vision for a supe supremacist world, they need Neuman to become the successor to Robert Singer, after he takes office. For an infiltration mission, Hugie is disguised as Webweaver; he briefly encounters Neuman, who seems to be suspicious and likely sensing the lack of V in his blood, but she doesn't break his cover, addressing him as if he were the supe.

After Neuman suffers an incorrect explanation about reproduction from an elderly man to explain his stance on anti-abortion, she starts a conversation with Sage. Neuman ponders why she was even invited, which Sage answers with a sad story about her grandmother's struggle with cancer, which could have been prevented because Sage figured out the cure for cancer, however, she wasn't taken seriously, thus her grandmother died. Sage believes that as fellow women of colour, they need to stand together against oppression, although changes the goal from equality to the extinction of humanity; when Sage invites her involvement, Neuman hesitates, but appears to agree.

While Sage survived a head shot from MM, the regeneration hadn't repaired her neural pathways yet, thus she is too brain damaged to deliver the presentation to gain support from the rich elite. Homelander attempted to do it, but the lack of practicality and lack of clarity failed to convince them, rather provoking them into numerous complaints and questions that Homelander doesn't know how to answer, so becomes distressed. Neuman stands to take control, and manages to pander subtly enough to get their interest, and advocating for replacing democracy with an oligarchy run by them, which wins their approval. Despite Neuman salvaging the night, Homelander feels insecure and agitated since the spotlight was taken from him, and he lost a chance at gaining credit for the plan's advancement.

After Robert Singer won the Presidential election for the USA, Neuman was packing to move to Washington D.C.; Hughie visited her, attempting to convince her it isn't too late for her to join the side of decency and compassion. Hughie added a reason for helping the Boys by noting that she couldn't possibly agree with Homelander and Sage's planned internment camps; Neuman's shock revealed that she was unaware of the persecution and extermination elements of their plan yet. While she seemed genuinely conflicted, she rejected Hughie's plea, compelling him to leave in disappointment; as he left, he said that he hoped that she will change her mind before it is really too late. Nonetheless, Victoria offers Hughie her condolences over the recent death of his father.

On an episode of Firecracker's show, Truthbomb, Neuman and Homelander were guests. Before the scripted the banter could unroll, Homelander outed Neuman as a supe, although she played it off as a compliment; however, for emphasis, Homelander used his heat vision on her face, which caused no damage, thus exposing her secret. Firecracker then spun it as Neuman being a hero "infiltrating the deep state," though Neuman left in a panic. While she left, she damned Homelander for revealing a secret she had kept for her whole life, but he indifferently argued that he actually freed her from hiding anymore.

President-elect Robert Singer held a press conference where he claimed ignorance of Neuman's supe nature, and declared that there should be a new election, with him taking a replacement Vice Presidential running mate. To avoid this, Homelander ordered the Shapeshifter Assassin to murder Singer, using the appearance of Starlight as to completely demonise her.

Following the failure of the Shapeshifter commissioned by Sage and Homelander to assassinate Singer, Victoria expresses her frustration to a Homelander still convinced that things will go as planned and threatens Victoria to make Zoe suffer if she strays from the path once she will be his obedient president. Devastated and terrified about the fate of her daughter, Victoria contacts Hughie and begs him to help her despite all the horrible things she has done since the beginning, to which a compassionate Hughie ends up giving her one last chance.

Taken to the Boys' lair, Victoria promises to help them take down Homelander and Vought now that Zoe's safety is the only thing she cares about. Unfortunately, Butcher arrives after accepting Joe Kessler's proposal and refusing to make an alliance with Victoria, releases a parasite inside his body created by the mixture of his V24 tumor and an injection of Compound V, causing dozens of tentacles to emerge from his chest and grab Victoria. Manhandled, Victoria gets torn in two by the tentacles, killing her once and for all and leaving Zoey in the Red River Orphanage, the one place her mother hated more than anything. Therefore, Neuman's actions in trying to guarantee Zoe's safety led to her incarceration in the facility, which wouldn't have happened if she never injected the Compound V to "protect" her.

Despite their failure, the Shapeshifter had a hidden camera, from which footage exposed Robert Singer bluntly expressing frustration about the Boys' inability to assassinate Neuman, which caused his arrest and triggered the 25th Amendment. Neuman is made into a martyr by Vought, and the new puppet President Calhoun use her death to justify martial law, recruitment of Vought-loyal supes into law enforcement, and the subsequent persecution and arrest of any Starlighters or suspected ones, merely so Homelander can remove potential threats, as well as the petty reason that he had been jealous of Starlight's popularity.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Blood Manipulation: While originally seeming like a telekinetic ability in bursting heads, it was revealed she had powers similar to Marie Moreau's, she is able to control blood of herself and others, using her power to explode heads or cause bleeding. Her power is strong enough to explode heads or whole bodies of humans and supes alike; although, it isn't known whether she could hurt/kill someone as powerful as Homelander, Queen Maeve, or Soldier Boy (due to her fear and attempted defection to the Boys, it seemed that she couldn't kill Homelander).
  • Blood Sense: She is able to detect the composition of blood, such as blood types, intoxication, and perhaps most notably Compound V.
  • Enhanced Strength: Victoria was capable of surpassing the strength of her friend Tony, who was able to send her flying with one hit.
  • Superhuman Durability: Victoria was able to withstand a push from Tony that sent her flying, colliding with a metal dumpster. She got up with no injuries. She also easily withstood having acid thrown in her face and a bullet to her head which practically bounced off her skin. Athough Starlight's punch is able to throw her on the ground, she showed no signs of injury or pain. Despite her durability, her fear of Homelander implies that he could actually injure or even kill her. When Homelander used his laser vision on Victoria, she had no scratches or burns. Her durability finally met its limits when she was killed by the tentacles of Butcher's parasite, her body practically split in two.
  • Charisma: She was able to build political power through her public persona of activism, progressive ideology, and compassion, yet despite lacking belief in any of these concepts, she could convincingly embody them well enough to endear herself to the optimistic and charitable.
  • Strategy: As the adopted daughter of Stan Edgar, she accrued an adept skill set of manipulation and cunning, enabling her to navigate through various political opponents and obstacles, until reaching near the top of political power in the US.


Victoria: Hugh Campbell. I don't know how to repay you for what you did.
Hugh: You know, I can think of a way.
Victoria: Oh?
Hugh:You can... give me a job.
Victoria:You serious? Uh, what about your team?
Hugh: Don't get me wrong, I-I-I still want to fight Vought, I just... I want to do it the right way. Not covered in quite as many guts. [Victoria chuckles] Look, the truth is, I never totally fit in with the guys. And... I think it's time I stand on my own two feet.
Victoria: They know you're here?
Hugh: I haven't told them yet.
Victoria: When can you start?
~ Victoria recruits Hugh Campbell, the latter not suspecting her true nature.
Oh, great. I thought he was avoiding me or something, you know...'cause he was scared I was gonna pop his head. Come on, Annie. [Starlight's eyes light up] Put them away. I'm not gonna hurt you or Hughie or your families.
~ Victoria revealing to Starlight that she knows her cover is blown.
Marie: Ms. Neuman, um, uh, do you have a minute? Ms. Neuman, please, it's important that I speak with you.
Victoria: You're Marie Moreau, right? I was hoping I'd meet you.
Marie: You were?
Victoria: Yeah, um, let's find someplace we can chat, just the two of us.
~ Victoria meets Marie Moireau.
Victoria: My daughter's gonna be so jealous that I met the Guardian of Godolkin today. We're huge fans.
Marie: Thanks.
Victoria: I was hoping you'd come to my town hall today, maybe ask a question. Your, uh, dean didn't show up either. I think a personal emergency.
Marie: Yeah. I don't know.
Victoria: It's okay. It was a shit show anyway. You know what? We'll hide out in the green room until it all blows over out there. Otherwise, I think they might...take off my head.
Marie: Look, there's something I wanted...
Victoria: Your powers are badass. Coolest I've ever seen.
Marie: Thanks.
Victoria: Those lassos and blood swords must be fucking exhausting, though. What else can you do?
Marie: Oh, that's about it.
Victoria: Oh, come on. Tell me something about myself.
Marie: I... I don't understand.
Victoria: You can sense things in blood. Use that and tell me about me. [Marie uses her powers and senses something in Victoria's blood]
Marie: Oh, my God, you're... Your blood, there's Compound V in it. You're a Supe.
Victoria: I knew you could do it. Good job.
~ Victoria reveals to Marie that she is also a Supe, also helping Marie unlock the ability to sense blood.
Victoria: Thought I was the only one till you popped up at Red River. I couldn’t let them ship you off to their adult facilities, so I got you into Godolkin. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’re awesome and everything, and-and you got in on your own merits. I just, uh, gave you a little boost.
Marie: Hold on, hold on, hold on. Why-why are you telling me this?
Victoria: Because we understand each other.
~ Victoria shows having the same powers as Marie.
Victoria: As if you don’t have 60 more pairs.
Edgar: Prince Andrew gave me these shoes. I’m suddenly reminded of how much I hated it here.
Victoria: Really? I used to love it. I always felt a little more free here.
Edgar: And yet you’ve turned my farm into an infectious disease lab. I can only assume that you’re searching for a way to control Homelander. You know, he’s a Freudian cesspool of random impulse and deep insecurity. There’s no one who can control that. You’ve put yourself and Zoe in terrible danger.
Victoria: No. You put me and Zoe in terrible danger. You used me like you use everybody else. Somebody had to protect her.
Edgar: You mean shooting her up with Compound V. You took a bright-eyed little girl, and you turned her into a...
Victoria: Into a what? A monster? Is that why you had me hide what I was? Stick to the shadows, never reach too high ?
Edgar: That was to protect you.
Victoria: No, that was because you were ashamed of me. My daughter will never have to live like that.
~ Victoria having an argument with her adoptive father, Stan Edgar, after he criticizes her way of caring for Zoe, while confronting him for always being ashamed of her.
Victoria: You help me get clear of Homelander, and Singer’s people at the CIA. And I go quietly.
Mother’s Milk: Mm. And you’ll owe us one.
Annie: A lot more than one.
Victoria: I will owe you many.
~ Victoria Neuman's final words.


  • Neuman is a villainous parody of real-life congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and shares similarities with her, such as their dancing videos going viral in the late 2000's. Incidentally, Cortez herself actually exists in the world of The Boys, too; Neuman made a joke referencing her when pandering to right-wing billionaires.
  • She is also very loosely based on her comic book counterpart, Victor Neuman, who only has a minor role in the comics.
  • She hasn't eaten fish sticks since she was twelve; the ones that were served to her at Red River every Friday disgusted her for life after her adoption.
  • Curiously, Victoria is immune to a bullet in the head but was able to cut her palm with Marie Moreau's knife.
    • There are two possible reasons: one, that she actually cut herself from the inside with her blood; or two, she instinctually hardens her blood to protect herself from damage, but if she concentrates, she can create a weak surface to cut.
  • Victoria serves as a dark counterpart to Marie Moreau. Both are women with the ability to manipulate blood. The two also accidentally killed their parents and were then placed in Red River for years. However, Marie strives to be a hero, or at least a good person, while Victoria fully embraces her inner darkness and has no qualms about killing innocent people, although she deeply loves her adoptive father and her daughter, ending up switching sides for Zoe's safety. In a way, the real second point in common between Marie and Victoria is that they remain attached to their last biological parent despite the traumas they experienced and leading them to cut themselves off from everything for a time.

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The Boys
Billy Butcher (Joe Kessler) | Frenchie

The Seven
Current Members
Homelander | The Deep | Black Noir II | Firecracker
Former Members
Queen Maeve | Black Noir | A-Train | Translucent | Lamplighter | Stormfront | Sister Sage

Vought International
Madelyn Stillwell | Jonah Vogelbaum | Stan Edgar | Ashley Barrett | Frederick Vought | Victoria Neuman | Black-Ops Soldiers

Soldier Boy | Crimson Countess | Black Noir | Gunpowder | Mindstorm | TNT Twins

Godolkin University
Thomas Godolkin | Richard Brinkerhoff | Indira Shetty | Edison Cardosa | Jeff Pitikarski
Current Students
Cate Dunlap | Sam Riordan | Rufus
Former Students
Queen Maeve | The Deep | A-Train | Tek Knight | Blue Hawk | Black Noir II | Golden Boy

Shining Light Liberation Army
Kenji Miyashiro | Tala

Big Game | Doppelgänger | Naqib | Ezekiel | Mesmer | Popclaw | Love Sausage | Cindy | Ground Hawk | Superbrain | Ghost | Kingdom | Aqua Agua | Boombox | Boobie Face | Mo-Slo | Big | Human Tounge | Papers | Picante Balls | Fang | Flashback | The Narrator | Termite | Blue Hawk | Tek Knight | Zoe Neuman | Splinter | Shapeshifter
Alastair Adana | Tommy Peterson | Oswald Deneeka | Sam Butcher | Little Nina | Ted and Janet Riordan

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