Victoria Vinciguerra is the main antagonist of the 2015 spy-fi action comedy film The Man from U.N.C.L.E., aided by her husband Alexander Vinciguerra. They lead an international crime organization.

Victoria is a tall, beautiful and fair skinned blonde woman who speaks many languages with ties to known fascists. Her plan is to use a kidnapped German scientist to create a nuclear bomb for her and her husband.

This comes to a head in the final scene where she is transporting the bomb a submarine via a small fishing vessel. Solo who is aboard a Royal Navy aircraft carrier, talks to her via the radio. This allows the Royal Navy to pinpoint her location and fire a cruise missile at her.

She was portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki, who also portrayed Ayesha in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Mina Jensen in The Cloverfield Paradox.


They are mastermind and shipping company which forced Udo Teller and his brother Rudi Teller to developed own private nuclear weapon which destroyed of USA. until Teller's daughter Gaby seek help from CIA agent Napoleon Solo and Soviet spy Illya Kuryan were forced to team up by CIA and KBG to stop it. Victoria met Alexander when he own his family business which connections with Nazis and married him, together they planned to rule the world with help of Rudi Teller.

Solo crashed the party which by Victoria in order get information. She orders her henchmen to track down Solo at Hotel before she lured him for drink and subsequently drugged him. She and her husband witness a father-daughter reunion between Gaby and Udo and smiled it at island. During the next 30 seconds Solo tells her that this is what is going on. In her arrogance she believes that she will be long gone on the submarine by the time they can shoot a missile at her. Just as she says this she sees other crew jumping off the fishing boat.

Solo explains that the missile is now only seconds from impact. Victoria looks up in surprise at the incoming warhead, knowing that she is doomed. The missile explodes upon impact, ripping her boat to pieces and killing her instantly.


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