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Vido Santiago is a minor, but pivotal antagonist in Mass Effect, serving as the secondary antagonist of Mass Effect: Ascension, a major antagonist of Mass Effect: Redemption and Mass Effect 2, also the main antagonist of Zaeed's loyalty mission. .

He is one of the two founders of the Blue Suns mercenary group and ultimately it's sole leader following his betraying Zaeed Massani. In contrast to Zaeed, who is ruthless but not completely bereft of a conscience, Vido is completely without morals and cares only for himself and his profit.


Vido Santiago and Zaeed Massani were the cofounders of the Blue Suns mercenary group, with Vido handling administrative duties while Zaeed led the men into action. Though for a time this union worked well, as time passed it became increasingly clear that the two had differing views of how to run the organization. Many times, Zaeed's moral standards prevented Vido from making money, most notably his decision to hire batarians into the Blue Suns; Vido viewed them as "cheaper labour", while Zaeed viewed them as terrorists. Turning on Zaeed, Vido had Zaeed's own men hold him down while he personally shot him in the face and left him for dead, took over the Blue Suns as it's sole leader and hiring as many batarians as he pleased. Zaeed, having survived the shot, swore revenge, also later noting that under Vido's singular leadership the Blue Suns only got worse. Indeed, Vido's many criminal acts included slavery and selling humans to the Collectors, all in the name of making money.

Eventually, Zaeed was at last able to track him down on the planet Zorya, and confronted him alongside Commander Shepard, who had earlier recruited Zaeed for their own personal mission. Vido goaded Zaeed into trying to kill him so his men could "put him down like the mad dog he was", only for Zaeed to start a fire. Vido panicked and tried to flee, but the fire slowed his progress, which was precisely what Zaeed was counting on. What happens next depends on the actions of Commander Shepard. A Paragon Shepard will forbid Zaeed from pursuing Vido until after they save the trapped workers while a Renegade Shepard will allow Zaeed to exact his merciless vengeance at the cost of innocent lives; if the latter is chosen, Zaeed corners Vido and shoots him in the leg, leaving him lying in a puddle of fuel. Zaeed then ejects the heat sink from his gun, throwing it into the puddle, igniting the fuel and burning Vido to death.

If the former is chosen, Vido escapes in a gunship, taunting Zaeed as he flys away. Enraged, Zaeed shoots at the escaping vehicle, one of his bullets killing the mercenary sitting right next to Vido and leaving him utterly terrified with how close he came to death.

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