Now I have become the true king! Behold! The absolute power of France's true ruler!
~ Vidocq

Vidocq is the main antagonist of the video game Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights. He is a power-hungry megalomaniac who wants to use the Treasure Animatus for world domination.



Prior to revealing his villainous intentions, Vidocq confronted Doctor Lautrec in his office to get help from him with a decryption devise. After getting what he wanted, Vidocq pulled out a gun and escaped with his henchmen, Jean & Paul.

The Forgotten Knights

In the course of the events, he masqueraded himself, took control over a monster called Sang Maudit and was able to kidnapp Marie to gain power over the Treasure Animatus. However, Jean and Paul turned against him.

In the end, he found "Ys", a flying castle beneath Paris, which he used to attack London, but he was off target, so the city was not harmed. Before he could attack Berlin however, he was killed by the Great Guardian of the Treasure Animatus.


Well, well. The granddad of the opera and his tin can-knights! Here to witness the coming of the true king of France?
~ Vidocq on the arrival of the Phantom of the Opera


  • He bears very much resemblance to Jean-François from the game Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure, Colonel Muska from the movie Castle in the Sky and Professor Desmond Sycamore from the game Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy: All four of them are male, megalomaniac and well-dressed anime characters with glasses, who use firearms and are (as well as female protagonists of their stories) linked to ancient, advanced civilizations, whose legacies (in all four cases flying castles) they want to achieve.
    • Like Jean-François, he is a sophisticated frenchman who wants to turn France into a global power with the help of knights.
    • Like Colonel Muska, he wants to rule the world and dies at the end of the story by the power he wanted to achieve.
    • Like Desmond Sycamore (Jean Descole) he wears a mask and is the enemy of an archeologist.
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