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Vietnam Advisor is a minor antagonist in the Twisted Metal: Black video game for the Playstation 2. He only appears in Mr. Grimm's cutscenes. The Vietnam Advisor is Mr. Grimm's reason for entering the Twisted Metal tournament.


Mr. Grimm (real name unknown) just graduated from high school. He and his best friend, Benny, were soon drafted into the Vietnam War.

At some point during the war, both of the US soldiers were captured by the Vietcong army. They were placed in the bottom of a hole that was located 50 feet below the ground. A few days later, they were found by an unnamed advisor of the Vietcong army. Instead of freeing the soldiers, he dropped a knife down to the bottom of the pit. He lauged before leaving them. Mr Grimm understood the advisor's intention but he refused. Two days later, Benny died from starvation. By this point, Mr. Grimm was desperate for food and he gave into temptation. He used the knife to cut open Benny's body. He then started to devour pieces of his dead friend's corpse. He even used Benny's skull as a helmet. This was only the beginning of Mr. Grimm's insanity which was caused by his grueling time spent in the pit.

Eventually, Mr. Grimm was found and rescued by US soldiers. They ordered him to remove the skull from his head. His insanity took over and he killed four of the soldiers.  The remaining soldiers managed to take him down. Mr. Grimm was placed into Blackfield Asylum where he spent 30 long years. He was plagued by thoughts and nightmares of his tragic experience and the Vietcong advisor. One day, he was visited by a mysterious man who was known only as Calypso. He gave Mr Grimm an offer: a chance to compete in the Twisted Metal tournamenet. If he won, then Caylpso would find and bring the advisor to him. Without any hesitation, Mr. Grimm accepted and was freed from the asylum.

After Mr. Grimm won the tournament, he visited Calypso. As promised, Calypso found and brought the Vietcong advisor to Mr. Grimm. They met in a dark, windowless room. He didn't recognize Mr. Grimm. The advisor's entire body, including his mouth, was tied up with duct tape. Calypso even added a bonus: an axe. Mr. Grimm used the axe to slowly cut open the advisor's body. He then ate pieces of the body. Mr. Grimm finally got his revenge.


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