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I'm surprised. To think , someone outside out brotherhood has made it this far...
~ Vigo to Rooney.

Vigo Boradsov is the Bigger Bad of the survival-horror videogame Nightcry. Vigo is also the one responsible behind the luxury cruise ship massacre.

He was voiced by Barry Gjerde.



Vigo was the leader of a cult known as The Faithful. Vigo was also the owner the Oceaus ship. It was presumed that Vigo had a daughter named Yolanda Boradsov, who also raped and impregnated her with his son/grandson "Otto". And also a possibly that Vigo transformed Yolanda into the Scissorwalker.


In the first chapter, one of the protagonists Monica Flores, helps Vigo sterilize his false eye.

When one of the protagonists Rooney Simpson, enters the survivor room, She meets with Vigo.

In the Survivor endings, Vigo appears and is surrounede by the passengers corpses arranged like marrionettes.

Vigo tells Rooney that he was surprised by the girl that she made it this far for someone whose not a part of the Faithful. Vigo thens reveals to Rooney he was the one who got the Scissorwalker on to the ship says he's in control of the Scissorwalker.

After that, Rooney tears out her own eye to utilize an Eye of the Kassites stolen from his quarters to convince the Scissorwalker to exact her vengeance on him against his pleas.

After dying, he disappears in green flame alongside the other bodies.


  • It is possible that Jerome Theuriau is Vigo's son "Otto", as when Rooney meets with Jerome telling her "Don't struggle, Rooney. Father is going to take us to eternity!"


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