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Vijay Singh Rajput is the main antagonist of the 2002 film Aankhen. He is a wrathful, schizophrenic bank manager that used to be a respectable man before being driven to obsessive insanity that was shown when he beat up a corrupt bank clerk.

He was portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan.


Vijay Singh Rajput was a bank manager that once upon a time was good at his job until he suddenly snapped and battered a bank clerk who was in fact an embezzler about to steal money. Although this was something with good intent that he punished this clerk, it was too extreme for the bank and the man was fired from his position. This left him in a rage and in his unstable rage Vijay decides to carry out a heist against his former employers by hiring three blind men Vishwas, Illyaas and Arjun for this very task. Furthermore making this decision due to noticing how blind men can be easily taught to do things that individuals with sight can. Therefore he uses blackmail to make a teacher at a school for the blind named Neha become their tutor.

Ultimately the heist is a success and the only downfall by obtaining these jewels are that now Illyaas' face is exposed to the authorities and by extension the city through video footage. Since Vijay is currently not told where the robbed fortune is by the men Vishwas and Arjun are brought by the former manager and essentially are threatened by Vijay to tell him where the jewels are. He soon learns though that only Illyaas has the knowledge he seeks and Neha cannot stand the abuse Rajput is showing the two blind men. It is also revealed that Neha was truly blackmailed because her little brother Rahul was abducted by the psychotic bank manager in the first place. The drunk Illyaas comes to Vijay Rajput and after some forceful negotiation he slams the former's face down causing bleeding in the eyes. The other two men then tell the insane shell of a good man that if paramedics arrive they will tell him the truth and go to fetch a doctor. Vijay doesn't cooperate and tickles Illyaas and out of the torture he falls of the balcony to his death. Neha being tired of this tells Vijay to leave them all alone but he tells her that it is her fault and not his before causing the woman to end her own life. The police soon arrive to see the blind men ganging up on Vijay Singh Rajput as the former says how the latter has been abusing them and involving them in a conspiracy. After some confusion Vijay confesses his crimes and is sent to prison with the two surviving blind men Vishwas and Arjun.


Vijay Singh Rajput is an obsessive and abusive psychotic who will harm anyone he feels needs to be and has no remorse for it. While he snapped gradually and is implied to have been a normal man before he sheds all that in how he beats up the clerk violently and also harasses the blind men. The former action is to deal with an embezzler although it was too extreme. That being said he does do his revenge plot out of spite and because he feels wronged to be fired which is okay until he goes too far again and kidnaps Rahul for blackmailing purposes to Neha.