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Kill the rest... Adler is mine.
~ Vikhor "Stich" Kuzmin in the season one cinematic.
My life no longer matters. Do what you will, finish what you started on Rebirth Island. My broadcast was complete, I have changed the world Adler... in ways you can't even imagine.
~ Stitch to Adler in the season six outro cinematic, and his final words.

Vikhor "Stitch" Kuzmin is a major antagonist in the 2020 first person shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, appearing as a playable operative in the above mentioned game and the online battle royale, Call of Duty: Warzone. He was released for the season content for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and acts as the main antagonist for the 1984 storyline.

Kuzmin was a Soviet scientist who managed the Nova 6 production facilities on Rebirth Island, but after the island was raided by the CIA, he was interrogated by Russell Adler. For giving up his name and rank, and for failing to secure Rebirth Island from the United States, Kuzmin was stripped of his rank and sentenced to the gulag by Lev Kravchenko. Kuzmin would later meet "Perseus" and join his spy network, mostly to get revenge on Adler for causing his fall.

He is voiced by Christopher L. Parson (who also voiced Junkrat in Overwatch, and provided one of the voices of the Goblins in The Spiderwick Chronicles), and is modeled after MJ Kreyzer.



Vikhor Kuzmin was born on August 14, 1938 in Moscow to unnamed parents, and during the 1950s, attended the Faculty of Technology of Organic Substances and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology. Kuzmin graduated in 1959 and majored in chemical science, and joined the KGB's R&D division the same year. Kuzmin's chemical knowledge allowed to him to become a member of the Nova 6 program, which was founded by Friedrich Steiner, and was assigned to manage the production of the gas on Rebirth Island. During the 1960s, Kuzmin would report directly to Colonel Lev Kravchenko, and showed great loyalty to the Soviet Union. It's also presumed that Kuzmin worked on the Nova 6 program knowing that Nikita Dragovich was planning on using the gas to destroy the west, while also having his sleeper agents signal the attack in the United States.

In 1968, the Central Intelligence Agency succeeded in raiding Rebirth Island, but failed in stopping Alex Mason from killing Steiner. After the raid on the island facility, Kuzmin was captured and interrogated by agent Russell Adler, but refused to break and only gave his name and rank. Kuzmin lost an eye as a result from the interrogation, and was presumably left for dead by Adler and the CIA as they escaped from the island. He was retrieved by Kravchenko, who stripped him of his rank for failing to stop the CIA, and sentenced him to the Russian gulag for life. Kuzmin's two years in the gulag left a toll on him, becoming a broken man who questioned his loyalties to the Soviet Union since they betrayed him.

In 1970, he was contacted by the Soviet spy "Perseus", and joined his spy network after becoming receptive to his cause. Kuzmin managed to escape from the gulag after a small team launched an attack on the prison, and worked with "Perseus" while also focusing on getting revenge on Adler. In 1983, "Perseus" died of cancer, and Kuzmin became the leader of his spy network, deciding to put all his plans into programming sleeper agents to plant into the west.

Call of Duty: Warzone

In January 1984, Kuzmin leads a group of Perseus soldiers to get revenge on Adler, tricking the CIA agent to bring his team to a mall in New Jersey. In the Mall at the Pines, Adler and his team enter the area and found Nova 6 being manufactured once again. Kuzmin orders his soldiers to corner Adler and his team, but tells his operatives to kill everyone except for Adler as he wants to get him personally. The gunfight ends with Adler's team being killed, and Kuzmin capturing Adler and transporting him away in a helicopter presumably to torture him or bring him to "Perseus".

By April 1984, Kuzmin still has Adler as prisoner, and orders Kapono "Naga" Vang to keep the CIA thinking that they care about the nova 6 supply lines. In June, Kuzmin has been torturing Adler and orders Perseus operatives Freya "Wraith" Helvig and Roman "Knight" Gray to infiltrate a base on Mount Yamatau. He tasked then with collecting numbers data that was gathered by Nikita Dragovich, and have them destroy the facility to have the United States blamed for it by Moscow. During the operation, Stitch informs Wraith that his work with Adler is almost complete, and what Perseus will do in Verdansk will help Russia. Due to Stitch having Wraith and Knight collect the numbers data, it's assumed that he will brainwash Adler to continue "Perseus's" plans to have spies infiltrate America. Additionally, Stitch mentions that he has Verdansk test subjects, indicating he and the spy network are also brainwashing other individuals.

The CIA team managed to rescue Adler faster than Stitch expected, but he tells Wraith and Knight that their plan with Adler is already done. Though Wraith asks Stitch if they could move forward with their plans, Stitch reminds her that the enemy's satellites were interfering with the broadcast. Despite this, Knight reminds Stitch that they have the advantage since the Verdansk test subjects were in place, and Wraith states that they have their contact in Africa on the line. Stitch then contacts Owethu "Jackal" Mabuza to infiltrate the base to have the satellite's destroyed, which allows the test subjects to follow his plans. After contacting Jackal, Stitch assigns Kaori "Kitsune" Tanaka to infilitrated the NATO station in West Berlin to upload the numbers broadcast, which is successful.

When bombs were discovered underneath Verdansk, Stitch assigned Benito "Fuze" Ortega to disarmed them, but the other explosives went off. Stitch immediately deduced that Adler had set them there, as the latter had worked on a secret project in the city presumably to stop the spy network. When the CIA team with Adler arrived in the city, Stitch proclaimed that he had unfinished business with his arch-nemesis. Stitch would leave Verdansk to the grave site of "Perseus", where he was confronted by Adler, Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson. After failing to re-program Adler by speaking the numbers, Stitch revealed that they were at "Perseus" grave, and that he had changed the world due to brainwashing sleeper agents. Seeing that his life no longer matters, he allows Adler to kill him to finish what he started on Rebirth Island years prior.


Adler has some pieces of the puzzle, but doesn't know he's a piece himself. He won't live long enough to work that out. I won't show him the mercy he showed me. I was in charge of the production of Nova 6 on Rebirth Island. I answered to Colonel Kravchenko himself. I was loyal, my star ascended... until the Americans found us. That's when I met Russell Adler. He could not break me. For letting Rebirth fall, Kravchenko sent me to gulag, where I found my true calling.
~ Kuzmin in the season one cinematic.
See you in hell.
~ Stitch in the season one outro cinematic.
Good - Make them believe we care about the Nova 6 supply lines.
~ Stitch to Kapono "Naga" Vang.
Moscow will blame the Americans for Yamantau, and our work with Adler is almost done. We can proceed. What Dragovich only managed with a single subject, we shall do to entire nations. What we do in Verdansk will pave way for the rise of Greater Russia.
~ Stitch in the season three intro cinematic.
They rescued Adler faster than predicted. No matter, our work with him is done.
~ Stitch in the season three outro cinematic.
Not yet, their satellites are interfering with our broadcast. The Verdansk test subjects are in place, but we are not getting through.
~ Stitch to Wraith and Knight.
Agreed, All the pieces are in play. Make the call.
~ Stitch to Wraith and Knight in the season three outro cinematic.
Stitch: My friend has made your... Predicament clear?
Ground Controller: Y... yes.
Stitch: I have a problem, you fix it, you don't end up like your colleagues. The Jumpseat constellation is broadcasting on frequencies, I need cleared. You are going to de-orbit them.
Ground Controller: Yes.
Stitch: Ground Fall will occur at the coordinates you have in front of you.
~ Stitch and the Ground Controller in the season four intro cinematic.
Good, and so are we.
~ Stitch to Owethu "Jackal" Mabuza.
Get it done, Reinforcements are already inbound.
~ Stitch To Kitsune in the season five intro cinematic.
Broadcast is live, Excellent work.
~ Stitch To Kitsune in the season five intro cinematic.
You can defuse it?
~ Stitch To Fuze in the season six cinematic intro.
I know who did this.
~ Stitch To Fuze in the season six cinematic intro.
Adler, we have unfinished business.
~ Stitch in the season six cinematic intro.
Adler, you took your time.
~ Stitch in the season six cinematic outro.
12. 19. 14...
~ Stitch failing to brainwash Adler in the season six cinematic outro.
I figured, It was worth a try. My work was finished before your little act of rebellion, this changes nothing.
~ Stitch to Adler in the season six cinematic outro.
You never understood, Perseus was never one man. It's an ideal, Bigger than any of us.
~ Stitch to Adler in the season six cinematic outro.
Right here. Cancer took him in '83.
~ Stitch to Adler in the season six cinematic outro.
A great man with great vision. He was not the first Perseus, just as I will not be the last.
~ Stitch to Adler in the season six cinematic outro.
Big words, from 'The Scourge of Verdansk'.
~ Stitch to Adler in the season six cinematic outro.
You Westerners, So Squeamish. Look at where we are, This was the Eastern Front. The blood of millions of my people soaked deep into this soil. Men and Women who paid the ultimate price for what had to be done.
~ Stitch to Adler in the season six cinematic outro.
My life no longer matters. Do what you will, finish what you started on Rebirth Island. My broadcast was complete, I have changed the world Adler... in ways you can't even imagine.
~ Stitch in the season six outro cinematic, his final words.



  • Kuzmin's blood type is B+.
  • Kuzmin is heavily based on Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, and this is reflected in the Battle Pass render for the "Redacted" skin, resembling the iconic pose of Bane. Also, Kuzmin's "Prisoner" skin heavily similar to Bane.


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