We're Vikings, what do you know, the terrors of the sea

We're Vikings, where ever we go, pillaging happily
We're Vikings, let there be no ambuiguity
Cause who doesn't like a pile of loot?
Some gold, some jewels, and a shiny suit?
And a giant screen tv to boot?
A Viking's life for me!
Yo ho!

~ Song by the Vikings

The Vikings are the main antagonists of the Veggietales episode, Lyle the Kindly Viking.


There were vikings stealing objects from others for themselves. They were led by Olaf (Mr. Nezzer). Lyle (Junior) is the only viking, who does not steal stuff. He shares potholders to the monks. Sven and Ottar noticed that what Lyle is doing is better than Olaf. When the viking set sail, Olaf saw Lyle on a small boat and Olaf tore the sail. When the storm starts, it destroyed both boats. The monks use a life-preserver to save Lyle. Lyle told them to also save the vikings, because God wants us to be nice also to those who are mean. The monks saved the vikings one by one and the vikings redeemed themselves.


The vikings appeared as having a dragon-like boat with shields at the sides. Most of the vikings there also appeared to have horned helmets, like most vikings in pop culture.


The vikings are greedy. They hoard stuff for themselves from others. They are also shown to steal a television, even though it was not yet invented in that setting.



  • In real life, Vikings don't wear horned helmets.
  • Ottar's helmet resembles Fishlegs' helmet from How to Train your Dragon
  • This is one of the very few episodes that Larry played as a villain. His other villainous role is King George (VeggieTales).


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