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You listen to me bitch and do exactly as I say.
~ Viktor's most famous quote after his cover is blown.

Viktor is the main antagonist of the Inside No. 9 episode "Once Removed". He is a contract killer hired by Charles to assassinate his wife May, unfortunately for Viktor however he unknowingly ends up killing the wrong targets and builds up a higher body count than he was initially hired for.

He was portrayed by Reece Shearsmith who also played Ray, Hector, Dr. Maxwell, George and Dr. Jacob Tyler from the same series, as well as Edward Tattsyrup, Papa Lazarou, Bernice Woodall and Geoff Tipps in The League of Gentlemen, Mr. Jelly, Maureen Sowerbutts, Jeremy Goode and the Silent Singer in Psychoville, Malcolm Webster in The Widower and one third of the Vogons in the 2005 adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy.


Viktor is hired by Charles to kill his wife May so he and his new lover Natasha can elope to Portugal. What should have been a simple job however springs into chaos when Viktor arrives at the house he presumes to be May's (No. 9) not realising that she had tampered with the address sign of Natasha's house No. 6 after learning of her affair with Charles and their plan to kill her. Viktor enters the house and fools Natasha into believing that he's the removal man Spike, however after a brief conversation he shoots her in the head and hides her body with a bedsheet on a chair, unfortunately however he doesn't have a chance to find a proper hiding place for her corpse when her friend and estate agent Hugo arrives, to make matters worse Viktor has managed to cover the wall in her blood and needs to paint over it which he manages albeit very obviously. Hugo enters mistaking Viktor for a buyer, Viktor manages to convince him to leave by promising to buy the house and allow him to get a sale for the month however unfortunately for him Hugo uncovers Natasha's body and an enraged Viktor chases him down and managing to nearly beat him to death before he gets away and runs to the toilet. Viktor follows, demanding he open the door all the while Hugo begs him tearfully to let him go, it's here Viktor notices the wonky rug going outside of the bathroom and he pulls sharply on it, knocking Hugo forward and breaking his neck. He drags the man's corpse and rests it on the toilet temporarily before wrapping Natasha into a carpet.

Just after this Viktor hears noises upstairs and is exasperated to find another person in the house Natasha's father, thankfully however the man he finds suffers from dementia and presumes Viktor to be first Julian Lloyd Webber and later his own son, prompting Viktor to gain his trust and poison him by splicing his hot chocolate with insecticide. He is then met with May who returned to the house to see if her plan worked, only to find Viktor who she presumes to be Natasha's mystery boyfriend. The two talk for a while awkwardly with Viktor anxious to make her leave however when the removal van arrives Viktor pulls out his gun and drops his façade telling her to do as he says and pose as Natasha.

Doing this the two try to get rid of the removal man Spike when he enters, with Viktor growing frustrated with her failures at making him leave, matters are only made worse when Natasha's dad comes down the stairs complaining about stomach pains before throwing up blood, prompting Spike to run for a towel, opening the bathroom door however he discovers Hugo's body on the toilet, startling him, prompting to knock over the carpet Natasha's corpse was concealed in. A now infuriated Viktor tries to shoot Hugo in the head before being stabbed in the neck by May, who tells a stunned Spike she can explain everything.


Viktor is a very professional assassin however he can get easily stressed and agitated when things don't go to plan, in spite of that however he proves to be competent in his field and is very good at improvising when things go wrong. He is also incredibly charming, able to put on polite or nice personas when it suits him.


Viktor (Inside No. 9).jpg

Viktor is a slender, young man, with pale skin, blue eyes and thick wavy blonde hair going down his neck. He starts off wearing his bike gear; a black utility jacket and boots with a pair of smart trousers and a blue shirt underneath his jacket. By the end of the episode however he strips down to his black undershirt and boxers before covering himself with Natasha's dressing gown having had his remaining clothes covered in blood.


  • Since the episode is told backwards, Viktor's on screen actions actually appear in reverse to how they would have chronologically occurred.
  • His name isn't mentioned on screen and is only shown in the credits.

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