Viktor is a character in New Looney Tunes. Keith Ferguson provides his voice. Viktor is tall, handsome, skinny and speaks with a European accent.


"Bugs on Ice"

Viktor picks random people to make fun of on the ice and picks Bugs Bunny and his friend Squeaks the Squirrel. Viktor has three fans at the start of every episode who envy him. Bugs throws peanuts from the side to slip Viktor while dancing.Bugs then disguises as a hockey referee when Viktor chases him on the ice. Viktor then challenges Bugs to a race. Viktor races so fast that the ice melts due to his speed. When Bugs knows he is going to lose, he fills the rink with water, freezing Viktor up. Bugs then challenges Viktor to a dance. They dance together and Bugs proves himself to be the better dancer. After Viktor's fans see Bugs' skills, they become fans of Bugs instead. Viktor finally lands on his feet successfully but Bugs comes with a snowmobile and runs him over. After he gets ran over, he is on a walker due to his broken bones and get ran over again by Bugs. Bugs' new fans even have rabbit ears in support of him.

"Game, Set, Wabbit"

Viktor competes in a tennis match against Bugs.


Bugs agrees to be in Viktor's show but Viktor has to promise not to cut another rabbit in half.

"Good Duck to You Cirque"

Daffy Duck interferes with Viktor's circus.

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