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Finally I get to meet the man who has caused us so much trouble. But I'll put a stop to that now.
~ Zetta to B.J.

General Viktor Zetta is a major antagonist the 2009 game Wolfenstein. He is an SS General and high-ranking member of the SS Paranormal Division overseeing their research into the Veil, a rift between our dimension and an alternate world known as the Black Sun Dimension.

He is voiced by Jack Angel, who also voiced Astrotrain and Sylvester in Disney's Tarzan.


Viktor Zetta headed a mission to the town of Isenstadt to mine for the Nachtsonne crystals, which could allow the Third Reich to harness the power of the Veil. He was eventually confronted by B.J. Blascowitz and revealed himself to have gained his own powers from exposure to the Veil. This also had the side effect of causing him to appear as a monster when viewed from the Veil. After a long battle against B.J., Zetta was killed by the soldier.

Following his demise, General Wilhelm Strasse arrived to take command of the Nazi forces stationed in Isenstadt.


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