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A tribute to the Spider God!
~ Elise on Vilemaw.
Who is your god? What can your god do? Will he let you wither and die defending him? Or will he give you life and vitality like no mortal has ever known? Why serve a god who won't serve you?
~ Elise on Vilemaw.

Vilemaw, also known as the Spider God, is an antagonist in the League of Legends universe, who serves as the master of Elise Kythera Zaavan. A gigantic, monstrous spider from the Shadow Isles, Vilemaw struck a deal with Elise that he would grant and maintain her eternal beauty for as long as she brought him an steady supply of Noxian noblemen as sacrifices for him to devour.

Vilemaw first appeared in League of Legends as an epic monster in the Twisted Treeline 3v3 game mode, and subsequently appeared in Legends of Runeterra as a token that can be summoned with the spell Fresh Offerings.


While much of Vilemaw's past is unknown, it can be assumed that the spider god did not originate from the Blessed Isles, and simply migrated there to feast on the death and destruction of the Ruination. Due to his unusually monstrous appearance, it can also be assumed that Vilemaw has been corrupted by the Shadow Isles' magic but has not become undead, instead mutating into the colossal beast that rules the darkest pits of the isles, where anyone foolish enough to journey under will face his wrath.

At some point in time, Vilemaw came into conflict with the secret cabal known as the Black Rose, who sent agents to explore the depths of the Shadow Isles for magical artifacts. One such agent was in possession of a mystical dagger, which was lost to the creature when he ambushed and killed the group. Hoping to have it retrieved, the Pale Woman sent noblewoman Elise Kythera Zaavan to Vilemaw's lair with the promise that the artifact's magic could restore her youth and beauty. But when Elise located the dagger, she too was ambushed by Vilemaw, who sank his fangs into her flesh as she stumbled and accidentally impaled herself with the artifact.

Absorbing both the magics of the dagger and the spider god's venom, Elise was transformed into an immortal, spidery temptress, even more beautiful than she had ever been beforehand. Immediately, Vilemaw and Elise felt a connection and realized that her transformation could be beneficial to them both. Thus, a bargain was struck between the two monsters. Vilemaw would ally with the Black Rose in exchange for Elise's services, which in turn could provide valuable Shadow Isles artifacts for the cabal. And all the while, Elise would be able to maintain her eternal beauty and lure hapless fools to the spider god's lair; offerings to Vilemaw that he would consume with pleasure.

The arrangement was perfect, and to this day, Lady Elise brings Noxian aristocrats as offerings to her god. The Shadow Isles remain a cold and lifeless place on the surface, but hidden deep below, Vilemaw is always waiting for another snack.



  • Vilemaw worked as Baron Nashor's counterpart in the Twisted Treeline map. However, due to the removal of the mode on November 19, 2019 he no longer exists in-game.
  • Vilemaw is based on other mythological spider gods, such as Anansi and Iktomi.
  • There was an easter egg where players could make Vilemaw do the Carlton Dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • It is confirmed by Riot that Vilemaw is extremely more powerful in lore than he was in-game, whose powers equating those of an actual god.


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