Vilius is the main antagonist in the Canadian-Japanese anime series Tenkai Knights. He is the leader of the corrupted that wanted nothing more than being the best.

He is voiced by Yoskue Akimoto in the Japanese version, and by Crispin Freeman in the English dubbed version.


Vilius was once a Tenkai Knight, but his lust for power and desire to be better than anyone made his Tenkai Energy corrrupt and turned against his comrades. He led the Corrupted army to obtain Tenkai energy and the dragon cubes in order to awaken the Tenkai Dragon. When the Dragon awankened, it went on a rampage. In the end, it was defeated, but Vilius had escaped. Many years later, Vilius sought to get the Dragon cubes again in order to revived the dragon, but this time, under his control.

In "Vilius Revealed", he notes that the Tenkai Knights grew confidant after gaining another cube. As he tried to take action, he retreated after the Corekai stepped in to defend the knights.

In "Dragons Key", Vilius sent his forces out under the command of Slyger and Granox to attack Commander Beag's forces, until Dormus was ready with his invention which would contain the dragon.

In "Vilius Unleashed", in order to awaken the dragon, he and Bravenwolf fought each other in a duel. Afterwards, he was revived and decided to conquer Earth after taking Quarton.

In "Checkmate", Vilius reached the Sanctuary of the Gardens without Guardian Eurus around.

In "Dormus Betrayed", he and his troops attacked the guardians. While they were destroying his troops, Vilius uses Titan Mode to attack Boreas.

In "Dragon Key Quest", he was told by Slyger to attack the other two guardians, since they were standing on the portal. Zephyrus places a barrier, which showed Vilius the location of the portal. He uses his trident to break it, but Boreas used a move to prevent it from exploding.

In "The Dark Unlock", he attacks Dromus to get the Black Dragon Key and was able to unlock the Dark Tenkai Dragon.

In "A New Knight", he commanded the dragon to attack the Tenkai Knights, but ended up losing it to them. He used it's energy to become super large and powerful, but the Tenkai Knights used Phoenix Mode on him, which caused him to be destroyed (again).

In "Vilius Returns", the Guardians were reviving Vilius and decided to punish him for his actions. As they were bringing him back, his spirit was controlling Zephyrus and used him for extra energy. He used the energy to overthrow the guardians and have control of the portal. When the Tenkai Knights tried to attack him, he drained them of their energy to bring back the Tenkai Dragon. But, it split into black & white dragon cubes by Dromus and absorbed them, thus giving him a new look. Back at the portal, he commanded Granox to attack the knights and sent Slyger to earth.

In the series finale, he absorbed the Guardians and Tenkai Knights (except Guren/Bravenwolf), and becomes all-powerful in the entire universe. But the knights are saved by Bravenwolf and he is finally killed by knights.