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The villagers. There are more than shown here, however

 The Villagers of Little Moulsford were a group of antagonists in The Power of Five book five Oblivion and were an obstacle between the Nexus and London.

They were commanded by Major Higham. They pretended to be civilized and friendly and welcomed Jamie, Holly and the Traveller (real name Graham Fletcher) to dinner. Fletcher got suspicious and investigated. Jamie immediately knew the villagers were bad, because he was telepathic. He saw they were serving up human meat.

Then he proved this by taking Holly round the back 180 and showing her the kitchen which had a chef chopping up a human body for dinner. Holly then realized she'd been about to eat the meat.

Then the villagers came out looking for them and were interrupted by the police. The villagers, being cannibals, tried to gun down the police to eat them, but though they had the upper hand, they were soon invaded and killed by police.

The notable members of the village are:

  • Major Higham, the village leader, he's the one who suggested they turn to cannibalism
  • His wife
  • Mr Weeks
  • Withers-Green, the builder
  • The Osmond family
  • Alfred and Amanda Bussell
  • Mrs Fielding
  • Mrs Hamilton
  • Cosmo
  • Christabel

The village overall had a militaristic feel; perhaps due to Higham being major. It followed that Cosmo had an affinity with weapons. Presumably every person in the village did too.