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The Villains are a group of playable antagonists in the Skylanders series.


Skylanders: Trap Team

The Villains where captured and imprisoned in the Cloudcracker Prison by the Trap Masters until Kaos destroyed it and set the Villains free due to the fact that he wanted to create his own army once again. Now freed the Villains will go back to their old ways until the Skylanders will find them in which case they will then fight them until they lose and later being captured and being treated as a Skylander themselves after this.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Some of the Villains, mainly the Doom Raiders, became Racers due to the fact the Kaos finally took over all of Skylands and cound not really do much or had their own plans demolished because of the Skylanders.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Ten Villains, being: Bad JujuBlaster-Tron, Chompy Mage, Dr. Krankcase, the Golden Queen, Grave Clobber, Hood Sickle, Pain-Yatta, Tae Kwon Crow and Wolfgang joined the Skylander Senseis along with a clone of Kaos and Dr. Neo Cortex so that they could stay out of prison and train the next generation of Skylander Imaginators. Chill Bill and Broccoli Guy also retired from being criminals and went into sports broadcasting.

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Land: Chompy Mage, Count Moneybone, Dr. Krankcase, Dragon Hunter and Glumshanks.

Sea: Captain Frightbeard, Golden Queen, Gulper, Mersmeralda and Spellslamzer.

Sky: Cap'n Cluck, Chef Pepper Jack, Kaos, Lord Stratosfear, Pain-Yatta and Wolfgang.

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  • Most of the Villains do not like the Doom Raiders for one reason or the other, despite this some of them did work with a member of the Doom Raiders.


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Doom Raiders
Golden Queen | Wolfgang | Chef Pepper Jack | Chompy Mage | Broccoli Guy | Dreamcatcher | Luminous | Nightshade | Dr. Krankcase | Gulper

Bad Juju | Blaster-Tron | Bomb Shell | Bone Chompy | Brawl and Chain | Brawlrus | Bruiser Cruiser | Buzzer Beak | Cap'n Cluck | Chill Bill | Chomp Chest | Chompy | Cross Crow | Cuckoo Clocker | Eye Five | Eye Scream | Fisticuffs | Grave Clobber | Grinnade | Hood Sickle | Lob Goblin | Mab Lobs | Pain-Yatta | Rage Mage | Scrap Shooter | Sheep Creep | Shield Shredder | Shrednaught | Slobber Trap | Smoke Scream | Tae Kwon Crow | Threatpack | Trolling Thunder | Tussle Sprout

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