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To remove a villain from Pure Evil category, one must create a blogpost known as Removal Proposal. These are similar to the effort posts made when proposing a villain for being Pure Evil, except here, you're proposing to remove a villain that is already under the category. Note that you don't have to follow this exact format but you should use it as a guide when creating a Pure Evil Removal.

Like Pure Evil Proposals, Pure Evil Removals must be done in blogposts and in order to create a blogpost, you can click on the "Create blog post" button located on the main page of the Villains Wiki. You will find it under the Villainous Blogs section of the page. You can also create blogposts by going on your profile, check under the Blog section and click the "Create blog post" button.

Who is the Villain?

This is the basic introduction of your Pure Evil Removal. In this section, this is where you introduce the villain you are proposing to remove from the Pure Evil category.

  • You can talk about various things here such as who the villain is, how they are like in terms of personalities, what it is they do and what form of work they came from.
  • You can also talk about the work itself and the heinous standards that the work sets up in order to support your Pure Evil Removal.

Why Doesn't the Villain Qualify?

Once you've given your introduction on the villain themselves, this is where you want to explain in detail why the villain does not qualify and should be removed. It is highly recommended that this is where you want to support your explanation with as much details as you can.

  • Note that you must provide definitive facts based on the work that the villain comes from, in order to create a convincing argument overall.

Final Verdict

This is where whether the villain is decided to either be kept or removed from the Pure Evil category, based on the amount of votes that the removal has received.

To look for an example see: