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  • Nominations must be at the very least 350 words long.
  • An article is featured every month, or at the admins' discretion.
  • Whichever article has the most votes at the end of the month is featured for a month.
    • Each downvote counts as a point down for the nominee.
    • In case of a tie, the one with fewer downvotes wins.
  • Admin votes carry the same weight as regular users' votes.
  • All nominations and votes must be signed with four tildes (~~~~). Unsigned nominations and votes will be nullified.
  • Nominations and votes CANNOT BE CHANGED. Each user can only vote ONCE, for and against.
  • An article cannot be nominated twice in a row (if an article was nominated in the previous voting, it cannot be nominated again in the current one).
  • Users cannot nominate articles two months in a row.
  • Only six nominations max for every monthly voting are allowed. Any nomination surpassing this limit will be automatically disqualified.
  • CHEATING WILL NEVER BE TOLERATED. Any user who starts downvoting candidates just to rig the results or go asking other users to vote on his candidate will receive a warning and, in case of reincidence, a one month ban. No exceptions.
  • The use of sockpuppets in VFH is extremely forbidden, resulting in the permanent ban of the sockpuppet's account(s) and in the deletion of your nominated villain.
  • Once the vote was posted, there is no turning back to edit the description of your vote. If you voted against a candidate for a trivial reason and had your vote discarded by an admin, it will be forbidden to go back and edit the reason of your vote to make your denied vote valid again. Doing so will result in a week ban, NO exceptions.
  • There is a limit for how many times a villain can be nominated in a period of time. If a candidate is downvoted but still being brought to VFH more than once in the following months, the limit is 3 attempts. If a villain is downvoted 3 times, the villain can not be proposed again until 12 months has passed after the last proposal. Bringing the villain back before then is a violation of this rule and the candidate will be erased from the nominations. For this limit to reset, the villain must not be proposed for 12 months after the last proposal.


  • Be original and creative with the nominations.
  • Don't vote against a villain if you haven't read the article about it yet.
  • Don't vote against a villain just because you know nothing about him/her/it.
  • Don't say anything that may be offensive to another.
  • If you're going to vote against, present an actual argument for your reasoning. "He's boring" or "I don't like him" aren't arguments.

The correct nomination format is as follows:

  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against

Copy and paste the above table below the line

Jason Voorhees (original)

For: 6
Against: 2
  • With Halloween being time for horror and scares, why not have one of the most of iconic characters from horror media, let alone villains, finally receive his headlined status? I'm aware Pamela Voorhees has been previously headlined, but most people know Jason as the main antagonist of the series, as opposed to Pamela, who some don't even know is the main antagonist of the first movie. In addition, this year is the franchises 40th anniversary, and with it comes various good announcements, such as a board game, Stephen King wanting to make a novel for it, and the series arriving on Blu-Ray.
  • Michael Myers in Halloween may have redefined the entire slasher genre, and horror’s fiercest mother Mrs. Voorhees may have kick started the Friday the 13th series that kept the genre alive throughout the decades, but it was her son, the Crystal Lake killer better known as Jason Voorhees, a vessel of unmatched rage, one of the kings of horror and the undisputable body count champion among slasher killers, who kept it alive for the most part and made it legendary in the horror department as well as pop culture. The setting, the stereotypes, the hockey mask, all surrounding the tragedy and awesomeness of the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Man Behind the Mask!
  • Easily one of the greatest horror villains of all time. His headline is way overdue.
  • I think he's a more suitable headline for an actual Friday the 13th, I also think since his mother has already headlined, Jason is unnecessary. She may not be as iconic as Jason but she was in regards to the first film.
  • In regards to the downvote and as mentioned, most people not in the horror fandom often forget Pamela is (To the point Scream joked about it), the main antagonist. As such, I regard her as a weaker rep compared to the far more notable Jason.
  • This would be a good choice if his mother wasn't a headlined page already. We have Pamela Voorhees headlined again, just there is no need for another character from Friday the 13th (1980) to get headlined again. I agree Jason is a great iconic horror villain, fits the headlined title, except the only issue is that his mother has been headlined already on the wiki.
  • You do realize that was 5 years ago, right? Jason should be okay to headline 5 years later from the first rep.
  • Remaining neutral on this but using Pamela Voorhees against him being included is kind of a bad argument. As other users have pointed out that was literally five years ago, is it really so ridiculous to have two villains from the same series headlined if they've got half a decade between when it happens?
  • I feel like I should say: if you want my honest opinion, it’s because Jason is boring and Pamela was not.

Alan Yates

For: 2
Against: 0
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • He was my first nomination back then but it wasn't the perfect month to nominate himlright. Now it's October and I can say it's suits for him since he's on of the most wicked being of all media. Also Cannibal Holocaust is 40 years old and it's gonna get a game in November (and it's pretty controversial like the film). He is also an example that the normal looking humans like most of us can be savages.

Sam (Trick 'r Treat)

For: 1
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • Sam is a great Halloween character from a great and popular Halloween film, essentially epitomizing the holiday; one reason I think he should be headlined. He still takes a backseat to many other horror icons, which is also a reason I believe he should be headlined and recieve more praise. Plus, this Halloween is a full moon. That doesn't exactly have any relation to Sam, but I figured it would be a rather ominous and cool element to go with an ominous and cool character.

Ulquiorra Cifer

For: 1
Against: 1
  • Ulquiorra is a good candidate for two reasons. Firstly, his skeletal and bat-like appearance make him a great Halloween villain. Secondly, having him as VFH celebrates the return of Bleach.
  • Ulquiorra, in my opinion, is an uninteresting character who's only hype is his cool design and powers. Not only that, but I'm completely against the idea of headlining a major antagonist from Bleach before its actual main antagonists. If you were to nominate a villain for the sake of Bleach returning, it should be one of the main antagonists; Aizen or Yhwach, especially Yhwach given that the anime will adapt the final arc. Not to mention, he has a far more interesting story to him.

Candyman (Candyman)

For: 12
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • Although the film will be delayed to 2021 due to the pandemic, I believe Candyman deserves a chance at being proposed. As slasher villains go, he's a perfect blend between popular yet underwhelmed in comparison to more well-known horror movie icons such as Michael Myers and Freddy Krugger. And the month of Halloween is the best shot he's got.
  • He is one of the best slasher antagonists of his day and still holds up in the modern era, he took the slasher genre and gave it a kind of dark fairy-tale vibe few other antagonists in the media could, while still retaining the brutality that slashers are known for, the gore (at least in the first film) was done as much for plot as shock and was not just mindless violence for the sake of violence like many modern horrors have become.
  • This may comes across as a late vote. But I decided to nominate Candyman because he does looks cool and stylish and how creepy yet captivating the actor's performance is having seen several of his scene on Youtube so yeah...


For: 11
Against: 2
  • The Scarecrow is a classic Batman villain and October is the month of Halloween, the time where it’s okay to be scary. Let the Master of Fear himself be the headlined villain.
  • Please choose a specific iteration of Scarecrow. The article you linked is a disambiguation page.
  • Scarecrow is a spooky boi and a great and unique choice for a Halloween VFH.
  • As someone that recently finished watching Batman Begins, Scarecrow is indeed a scary villain that worth my vote!
  • One of Batman's greatest villains, a man who wields your greatest fears as his weapon. What better pick for the holiday of horror?
  • Joker and Poison Ivy have already been headlined, so it would feel repetitive to have another Batman villain in the lineup. 
  • We already had Joker and Poison Ivy headlined. There is no reason to have another DC character headlined.
  • A villain who uses your greatest fears as a weapon, a good pick for Halloween.
  • All hail the master of ear. I definitely want Scarecrow to be headlined. I mean, the Arkhamverse Scarecrow is one of the most memorable villains imo. Sure, the Nolanverse Joker and Poison Ivy are headlined, Scarecrow deserves a chance to be in the spotlight. "Did you Know Dark Knight, you can't fight fear"-Scarecrow, Arkham Knight.
  • The last DC villain we had headlined was over a year ago so I don't think it's too soon to put Scarecrow up, the guy was quite literally built for Halloween as well, plus who doesn't love Cillian Murphy?
  • AH its good to be back and the most underatted Batman villain is nominated.
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