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  • Don't say anything that may be offensive to another.
  • If you're going to vote against, present an actual argument for your reasoning. "He's boring" or "I don't like him" aren't arguments.

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  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against

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Rattlesnake Jake

For: 3
Against: 0
  • I'm sorry, but do we really need to have a Nickelodeon villain headlined? Nickelodeon has always been for children. I honestly think that we really dont need a Nickelodeon villain headlined. Plus Rattlesnake is a rip off of the original already headlined Angel Eyes.
  • I agree with DarkUnknownWarrior.
  • For starters what's the problem with headlining villains from children's franchise, we've highlighted many Disney villains in the past and I don't understand the problem with Nickelodeon villains being headlined, just seems like that's your own personal opinion. Secondly just because he's a western villain whose good with a gun that doesn't mean he's a ripoff of Angel Eyes, parody maybe but not necessarily a ripoff.
  • Actually, the Rattlesnake Jake was indeed inspired by Angel Eyes. The whole movie is anyway very similar to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Also that's true, Disney villains are child-related too, but Nickelodeon villains just aren't really necessarily to have them headlined at all. Nickelodeon is overrated at the moment, so it's different to have a forgotten Disney villain headlined instead. Anyway i just believe we had a Western-villain related headlined not too long ago, making this article not needed for headlinding at the moment. Angel Eyes was nominated in November 2018, we dont need a Western-villain anytime soon. 
  • I apologize, Dark, but your arguments are very flawed. Just because Jake here is inspired by Angel Eyes doesn't mean it's bad. Other, even more beloved villains also take inspiration from other sources. Disney already had multiple villains where Nick has none, so I think they should definitely get some at some point. And for the Western argument, Westerns are a old, important genre with only one VFH rep and little relevancy today (barring the Red Dead series), so having people show they still care about the genre is great.

King Ghidorah (Showa)

For: 7
Against: 1
  • With Godzilla: The Planet Eater’s Netflix release back in January and Godzilla: King of the Monsters on it’s way, it’s a great year to be Ghidorah, so let’s honor his original incarnation with May’s VFH. With this idea in mind, who better than Godzilla’s golden arch nemesis?
  • King of the Monsters is coming out. It would be good to give Ghidorah attention.
  • We dont really have alot of dragon-monsters headlined... Why not give King Ghidorah some love?
  • King Ghidorah is a bit overrated. Yeah, I know he's gonna make his debut in the upcoming movie, but honestly, he's been popping up in a lot of media these days to the point where I just wish other monsters got the same spotlight. There are some underappreciated monsters here that definitely deserve some praise, like Kaiser, Destoroyah, SpaceGodzilla, or hell even Gigan (especially after reading Rulers of Earth).
  • @ShockWaveDude120, while I agree that it would be great to give some underappreciated Kaiju the spotlight, due to the fact that Ghidorah is really cool (don’t get me wrong, the Kaiju you mentioned are also really cool), and that he has a lot of relevance and fame, he is the best choice at this point in time.
  • You pretty much just proved my point there, but ok then.
  • Yes, I do agree somewhat that he is a little overrated, but KIng Ghidorah regardless is both pretty cool and relevant, due to Godzilla: King of the Monsters being released soon. (But if you asked me, although he's unofficial, I do think a certain "Hell Beast" would also be nice to see.)
  • Heck no. I high disagree with this. First of all SpaceGodzilla will never get headlined because the original Godzilla is headlined already. I doubt Hell Beast would get headlined because Slender Man and The Rake new movies kinda killed the creepiness and the importancy of a creepypasta story. They just aren't interesting as they used to be after the movies got released out to the public. I honestly dont see a problem with Ghidorah appearing in other media. That should be actually a positive thing for Ghidorah, because it will bring more and more people into knowing about him, making him more stand out as a character. 
  • No offense Dark, but I don’t see the logic in your arguments. First of all, what does Godzilla being headlined have to do with SpaceGodzilla not being able to? The two are separate characters with their own origins and motives. Second, I don’t have a problem with King Ghidorah appearing in other media. What I’m saying is I don’t think a character that already has a large fan base should be headlined, even if he’s relevant. In other words, he’s overrated. Not to mention, like I said, King Ghidorah is an iconic character,so your point about people getting to know more about King Ghidorah doesn’t make sense. As for Red, well, I don’t really care much about him but Slenderman and the Rake don’t have anything to do with him and shouldn’t affect how Red does in the VFH. You should be looking at the character himself, not just simply the franchise he comes from.
  • Creepypasta was much more impactfull until it got destroyed by Slender & The Rake movies trust me on that one. Slender could of been easily headlined, but he wasn't because of the bad movie. People liked Creepypasta much more and actually wanted a good creepypasta film, when they got everything except a good creepypasta film. SpaceGodzilla is based off the original Godzilla. Even if they have two different origins and motives, it still is a re-creation of the original Godzilla.  And if you did not really care that Ghidorah appears in other media, you wouldn't say he is overrated, instead you would of supported the fact he is overrated. The ending part is true, but in my opinion, the franchise is really important factor when it comes to headlining. Because the franchise automatically helps the character win.
  • First of all, we're not talking about Slenderman or his movie, we're talking about Red. The only reason people did not want Slenderman headlined is because people simply did not care about his character anymore and he was nothing more but a dead meme at this point. Red on the other hand still is an under appreciated character and that's why Shinobi suggested him in the first place. Second, what is "recreation" suppose to mean? If you're talking about a reimagined take on the character, that's not what SpaceGodzilla is at all. He's an alien clone with purely evil motives. Or is it simply because he's simply related to Godzilla? Because that still shouldn't prevent him from getting headlined either way, given the fact that you have monsters like Biollante, Mechagodzilla, Bagan and Orga that all share some form of connection to him. Any of these monsters can easily get headlined if people voted for them. Third, I do not care that King Ghidorah appears in other media, but what I do care is that other monsters do not get as much of the same spotlight as him, which is what I said at the very beginning when I casted my vote and my reasoning for why I think King Ghidorah is a bit overrated. The fact that King Ghidorah is being voted primarily because of his debut in the Monsterverse should support that also. 
  • Seems I must have sparked a debate, eh? I do want to see Red headlined at some point, but I can't see it for quite a while, due to the rather negative reactions to when people request a creepypasta villain to be headlined, But then again, Red isn't just "Psyopathic Murderer No.42" or "Personality-less Elderitch Space Flea No.75", and unlike others, didn't get his reception tarnished by overexposure and the fandom's odd areas. So, who knows if Red could pull it off?
  • I think there are better creepypasta villains then Red because as i said, Red's story does originate from the Godzilla original series. I was thinking more like The Woman to Eat the Children or The Skin Taker even Zalgo would of been good for headline in my opinion. 


For: 4
Against: 1
  • SpongeBob will turn 20 years old in May.
  • Actually,this guy deserves to be headlined
  • After spongebob has ran for so many years plankton deserves to be headlined for the show turning 20 years old in may.
  • Although I personally don't really want Plankton headlined and I lost intrest in Spongebob a long time ago, I feel him being a VFH isn't a matter of if, but when. Spongebob is arguably the most iconic, popular, and important modern cartoon, so having it's main antagonist repped (With now being a good time, with the series going on 20 this year), I feel is bound to happen sooner or later.
  • Eh, he could wait a little longer. With the fact that Spongebob would pass 20 years in age, I don’t think that is the best basis to headline him for. He could be in 2020, since there’s a Spongebob film coming out then.

Dark Queen

For: 2
Against: 0
  • I choose Dark Queen from Battletoads because of the new Battletoads game will coming out around this year. Not only that, she's a rather an obscure villain but manages to take my interest as she is one of the first female villains in Video Game history. She's also a pretty sexy villainess with her hot skimpy like dominatrix costume that can attract some people and also have a bit of a funny personality. So I'm voting for this girl up.
  • While I find the fact that she’s one of the first female vidoegame villains cool, her storylines is pretty standard, and she’s lacks relevance.
  • Pretty bullshit reasoning there. She's the main villainess/big bad of the entire series and a constant foil to the heroes, how does that "lacks relevance"?

Madara Uchiha

For: 3
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • Meh, wanna try again with this one, especially since I haven't seen any Naruto villain up here.

The Order (Silent Hill)

For: 1
Against: 1
  • First, we need an evil organization for the headline. Second, so far there's no Silent Hill villains as far as I know to be featured.
  • I can confirm that they are not the first Silent Hill rep to be headlined. Dahila and Walter Sullivan predate them. Also, wouldn't everyone's favorite traffic cone headed freak make more sense? He's the face of the series!
  • Oops, I forgot that there were other Silent Hills villains including Pyramid Head featured on the headline... I'm sorry for my forgetfulness.
  • It's fine. Also, Pyramid Head isn't headlined yet, I'm just saying he would have been the better option.
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